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    iPhone Mobile Hotspot – Create one now!

    You must have heard of the famous phrase saying “If trees gave out Wi-Fi signals instead of Oxygen, we would be planting trees on every inch of this planet”, because us as technologically driven species simply cannot imagine a world that exists without internet. We abhor to be stuck in a place where we cannot […]

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    A Complete Guide to iPhone Funny Shots!

    So the Funny Shots aren’t the shots that we are generally familiar with, the kind where there is a hint of tequila or the shots of mint margarita. These Funny Shots are the ones who are obsessed with selfies or as the term is common these days suffer from “Selfie Syndrome”. Whether it is the […]

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    Install Kodi on Roku – Your Download Guide!

    In this post we will tell you how to install Kodi on Roku either on TV or Roku Stick. There is a misconception among people that you cannot install Kodi on Roku so in this article we will see whether you can or cannot. The other online services such as Netflix, Hulu or Plex operate […]

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    Create New Game Center Account on iOS today!

    In this guide today we will guide you on how to create new game centre account on iOS where you will be able to sync all of your best gaming scores, find new competitors and make your overall experience more fun. It is sort of like the Google Play Games for Android devices but remember […]

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    NDS4iOS Download Guide!

    NDS is the short form for Nintendo Dual Screen which is the most renowned gaming consoles that has ever been introduced by Nintendo. Many of us grew up playing the classics like Mario or Pokemon on Nintendo. If you wish to relive these memories then you can turn to the NDS4iOS for iOS devices without […]

  • How to Use Hemingway


    Writing 101: How to Use Hemingway?

    Ernest Hemingway was born in 1899 and he was a renowned American novelist and a short-story writer. He won a Nobel Prize for Literature back in 1954. He was well noted for his simplistic but powerful writing as well as his adventurous imagination.

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    Get the best iTube Alternatives for your iDevice!

    Considering that you have ended up on this particular article, we assume that you are already aware on what iTube is about but if you don’t then here it is, iTube is this amazing app for iPhone which allows the users to save YouTube videos and see them when offline because no matter how high […]

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    No need to Jailbreak to download videos from YouTube!

    Can you now imagine your life without YouTube, a platform where you can catch up on all latest episodes of your favorite TV shows or the latest song video of your favorite artist or simply to watch news? No, right? YouTube as a platform has gained the position of second largest search engine for videos […]

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    All that you need to know on rooting Bluestacks 2?

    Bluestacks is a highly renowned and competent emulator for Android that runs on Windows while the version of Bluestacks 2 has additional improved tools than its older version; in these additional features the most liked among the users is the fact that you can run many apps simultaneously.

  • Enjoy a faster touch ID on your older iPhone!


    Enjoy a faster touch ID on your older iPhone!

    Are you an iPhone user and don’t have the budget to get the new model then don’t worry you can make your Touch ID feature of your old iPhone much rapid in performance. Yes, this is indeed possible and will save on you on money as well that you are planning to spend on your […]