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    What to do when Surface Pen is not working?

    The Surface Pen of Microsoft is the exact tool you need for additional functionality on your Surface device however this surface pens can show occasional hiccups and errors. This article will guide you on what you exactly need to do when Surface Pen is not working so that you can get back to your work […]

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    What to do when unfortunately email has stopped?

    Every Android device by default comes equipped with a common email program in form of an app which can allow you to sign into all your email accounts. This email app will let the user access, view and check their email accounts from any of the email programs that they use out there. This universal […]

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    How to Set Up iCloud Mail IMAP Access?

    You can easily access the iCloud Mail on the web and the configuration of iCloud mail on Mac OS X, macOS Mail and on other iDevices is a simple process as well. This procedure is simple to follow and can integrate iCloud Mail to ever email program on PC’s, cell phones, tablets through the IMAP […]

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    Get to know how to message someone blocked on WhatsApp?

    Your informing background in 2017 truly relies upon where you live and what gadget you utilize regular. In the United States, you most likely depend on iMessage to deal with the larger part of your discussions. Unless you’re an Android client. In this case you may utilize Facebook Messenger, Google Allo. Or any number of […]

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    Best tips on how to take a good selfie

    Selfies are an extraordinary method to flaunt your best side. Nonetheless, you must have the capacity to catch your best side before you can impart it to the world. Everybody’s selfie style is unique, and procedures that work for one individual may not work for another. In any case, there are some attempted and genuine […]

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    Block Someone WhatsApp and Never Be Annoyed Again!

    If you went and stood at a restaurant and asked every fourth person that came in whether they knew what WhatsApp is and if they also used it; chances are a big number out of all the people you ask will say yes. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messenger applications to exist in […]

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    Learn How to Stop WhatsApp from Downloading and Saving Photos Videos

    WhatsApp is one of the most popular messenger applications in the world right now! The WhatsApp application basically lets people talk to other people through it. WhatsApp started as a great messaging application. What WhatsApp does is register users by taking their numbers and then subsequently letting them set up with WhatsApp account on their […]

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    Learn how to change Apple ID

    What a cerebral pain! You’re setting up your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, and it requests your Apple ID. Something turns out badly and it turns out to be uncommonly hard to make another Apple ID or change your old one to another email address. Inhale profoundly and rest guaranteed: In this article, I’ll enable you […]

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    Be a pro and learn how to hack email

    In the present online world, your email is your personality on the web. Regardless of what you are doing on the internet, perusing some “free” article, getting to some free “substance” or anything and so on, the most imperative thing they will ask you is your email address. Today I am will demonstrate to you […]

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    Learn how to use iAP crazy

    We have talked about in our before articles about the astounding Cydia vaults for the jailbroken telephones that permits free in application buys. In this article we acquaint with you the iAPCrazy. You must know how to use iAP crazy. The App Store is a house to more than a huge number of various amusements […]