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  • Amazon AWS Certified Solutions

    Everything You Should Know When Preparing for Certbolt Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification

    Do you want to reinforce your career as a solutions architect? If you have at least one year of background in handling AWS systems, then you can be a candidate for the Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification. Know more about this stellar accreditation from AWS and become a coveted professional in no time. […] More

  • Mobile App Development Trends

    Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

    The world is evolving at a lightning pace, and there will be more than just having a mobile presence. Some amazing mobile applications defined 2020, but may not carry the same potential in 2021. Implementing the right mobile app development plan may not guarantee success, but there is a need to incorporate the latest trends […] More

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    The OXY diet could be a new protein diet, the same as the once-popular Dukan diet. However, it’s been improved to scale back the potential side effects of the protein diet. We check what the OXY diet is and the way it can affect the body. OXY DIET – what’s IT? The OXY diet could […] More

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    How to Build SEO Strategy in 2021

    Search engine optimization: if it’s not on your top priorities list, make some room, because it 100% should be. Building an effective, actionable SEO strategy is essential to business success in 2021 and beyond. Not familiar with SEO? Here are the basics. When someone searches for something using an online search engine (it’s usually Google), […] More

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    What Is a GIF? The Ultimate Tech Guide

    The most popular GIF used on GIPHY has over four hundred million views and features the iconic drag queen Jasmine Masters being shocked, with the words “and I oop!” You’ve probably seen it, or heard of it, or seen the other top 25 GIFs that have millions of views each. GIFs have taken over the […] More

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    Fusing email marketing with omnichannel marketing to amplify your business operations

    Brands must perceive the purport of creating a smooth experience across every social media platform. Market surveys show how 28% users believe that a seamless omnichannel journey is integral to your brand.  Your customer needs to get access to your business at every step of the way. Their needs to be accessibility to your marketing.  […] More

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    EJ Dalius Points Out the Significance of Health Insurance during COVID-19

    Several safety measures, such as self-isolation and social distancing, are paving the way to a decreased number of cases in specific locations. However, the overall cases are still not low, and ensuring health security is of utmost importance in such times. In light of people facing sudden health miss happenings, one needs to invest in […] More

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    What to do for FaceTime not working?

    The video calling tool of Apple devices known as FaceTime calling is one of the signature features of iOS and Mac operating systems. Apple has revolutionized video calling by a single tap on the icon for FaceTime and instantly the receiver will pop up on your screen in a high definition video. However just like […] More

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    How to use the iPhone Recovery Mode?   

    Multiple issues can disappear in moments simply by restarting your iPhone however some of the more advanced problems will need you to restart your iPhone in Recovery Mode. This although may not be the most appropriate fix for your problems however at times this does work. If you wish to know how to use the […] More

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    How to Reset Apple ID Password? 

    Your Apple ID is basically your access to multiple services offered by Apple for your device hence if you ever forget this password it means you are pretty much in hot waters. If you will not be able to sign in to your Apple Account then you will be handicapped in terms of using services like […] More

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    How to Reset Snapchat Password?    

    Have you ever experienced trying to access your Snapchat account and have been denied access because of wrong password? If yes then you would know how frustrating this can be especially when you are at event and immediately want to begin snapping. Under such situations it becomes essential to Reset Snapchat Password and this article […] More

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    How to Wipe Hard Drive?        

    If you ever hear the words “Wipe Hard Drive” then you should automatically assume that this refers to erasing all data present on the drive. If you delete everything it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are wiping your hard drive and even when you format your hard drive this also doesn’t always erase all data. […] More

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