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    All the Kik Alternatives You Need to Know About

      If we go back a few years you might remember the time when Kik was the most popular messaging application around because of the convenience it provided users with. However, now there are so many kik alternatives in the market that anyone even really uses Kik. There are several reasons behind this. Kik just […]

  • How to Fake Number Call


    How to Fake Number Call?

    We live in the era influenced by smart phones, automatic caller ID’s with the capability of blocking any unrecognized and restricted callers because fake number calls have gone a large way in annoying people. You will mostly find young teenagers and children doing prank calls just for fun to people they wish to annoy. These […]

  • fb-gif-guide


    How to Make GIF and Win the Internet!

      Unless you live under the rock or just somewhere without the internet then you probably already know what a GIF is. And before you mispronounce it in your head, it is pronounced as JIF, with the G sounding like a J. The people behind GIFs are the ones who have said this not us […]

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    iPhone Antivirus- Keep your phone safe!

    When it comes to our personal devices especially our phones, security is something that concerns us all. None of us want our private, confidential and personal data to get stolen or end up in wrong hands hence we always ensure that the security of our phone is as strict as possible. When it comes to […]

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    How to connect iPhone to TV?

    If you are an iPhone user then you would know that iPhone itself is a great source of staying in touch with all kinds of media. Whether you have to watch a movie, the latest episode of your TV show, view the exclusive Royal Wedding pictures or listen to music, your iPhone will always have […]

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    How to Transfer Android Contacts to iPhone?

    In this post today we will talk in detail about the procedure on how to Transfer Android Contacts to iPhone without the fear of losing any data. If you are someone who is shifting from Android to iPhone, the most important task you need to accomplish is to transfer your contact list which can be […]

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    iPhone Touch Screen not Working? Here is what you can do!

    The feature of iPhones which have made them famous around the globe is definitely their slim and sleek design where all input data is done within the touch screen itself. Even though most phones these days have quite of the same design, iPhone always stands out from the rest ever since it was first launched […]

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    How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone?

    Voicemail is a highly beneficial tool one can have on their cell phone particularly if you are someone who is always on calls. If you don’t have voicemail, you can potentially miss crucial messages from friends, employees, colleagues and even your boss. Even though every phone these days comes equipped with the tool of voicemail, […]

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    How to recover deleted messages on iPhone?

    Let’s talk in facts, almost every other person is receiving and sending multiple iMessages each day. Whether it is to chat with friends, contact family or stay updated on job schedule, our iMessage app is literally a dump yard of old messages that are simply sitting there. When we send an iMessage or receive one, […]