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  • How to Fix DNS Server is Not Responding Error Yourself


    Here’s How to Fix DNS Server is Not Responding Error Yourself!

    Imagine you have to complete your school work. Time’s running out and the clock ticking is making you even more anxious. You turn on your laptop and start searching articles for your term paper. But as you type in the URL or the search keywords, you seem to be experiencing an issue. Your web browser […]

  • christmas-walkway-trees


    How to build Christmas Tags?

    Christmas is the best time of the whole year, as it is a festival season going on and there are holidays in this time of the year, so Christmas tags are common in these days. In Christmas season most of us looking to celebrate while remaining within budget and not taking any stress. One fun […]

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    Ways to Store Your Digital Camera

    There is no denying the fact that digital cameras are nothing but the profound invention that has revolutionary potential. As much as digital cameras are useful and essential in the arena of photography, the more they need proper care and attention to store even their minute parts safely. It is very important to know some […]

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    Ways to Send a Video through Email

    There are various reasons to send videos through email. The business owners promote their brand by deliberately embedding a video in an email in order to attract their audience. Other than that, some people merely want to share a video with their friends and family that live afar. With the advent of new social media […]

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    What to do when iPhone stuck on Apple Logo? 

    If you are also annoyed by your iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo while you are launching it and cannot move ahead the basic Home Screen than your iPhone is pretty much screwed! However there can be exceptions to this as well and there are certain troubleshooting fixes that you can implement to fix the issue […]

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    How to create Apple ID without Credit Card?    

    For an iTunes Account and an Apple ID account, configuring your iPhone with a credit card option can prove to be very handy especially when you instantly have to purchase music or other content available on the iTunes Store. However, there are situations where you need to create an Apple ID without Credit Card details […]

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    How to close Apps on Android?  

    Too many apps open at the same time can slow down your device and can consume a lot of your phone battery, so it’s better to close apps on android. If you switch from one app to another app might allow apps to keep running in the background and if you check the battery option […]

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    What to do when Surface Pen is not working?

    The Surface Pen of Microsoft is the exact tool you need for additional functionality on your Surface device however this surface pens can show occasional hiccups and errors. This article will guide you on what you exactly need to do when Surface Pen is not working so that you can get back to your work […]