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    Fusing email marketing with omnichannel marketing to amplify your business operations

    Brands must perceive the purport of creating a smooth experience across every social media platform. Market surveys show how 28% users believe that a seamless omnichannel journey is integral to your brand.  Your customer needs to get access to your business at every step of the way. Their needs to be accessibility to your marketing.  […] More

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    Learn How to Stop WhatsApp from Downloading and Saving Photos Videos

    WhatsApp is one of the most popular messenger applications in the world right now! The WhatsApp application basically lets people talk to other people through it. WhatsApp started as a great messaging application. What WhatsApp does is register users by taking their numbers and then subsequently letting them set up with WhatsApp account on their […] More

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    All the Kik Alternatives You Need to Know About

      If we go back a few years you might remember the time when Kik was the most popular messaging application around because of the convenience it provided users with. However, now there are so many kik alternatives in the market that anyone even really uses Kik. There are several reasons behind this. Kik just […] More

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    Valentine’s Day Ecards Best Websites

    Do you guys really know the true meaning, essence, depth, and worth of loving or being loved? We can interpret love as, LOVE is an obsession, a madness, a disease, an insanity. It is a limit that we cannot live without crossing, and if we cross, we become unable to bear it. But do you […] More

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    The Top 2 Tools to find email addresses!

    In today’s word of social networking, we can easily locate anyone’s Facebook profile, Snapchat ID, Instagram Page, Twitter feeds and even LinkedIn profiles however there aren’t many tools to find email addresses for the same people whose social media accounts you can find in seconds! People usually keep their email addresses safe for many reasons […] More

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    How do you get Spam Emails from Spammers?

    Spam Emails many times appear like a forever spreading epidemic that has no solution because all it requires is for spammers to get hold of email addresses in the mailing lists. Spammers don’t even need to register for anything or request for email ID’s and just like that spam emails begin flowing in. It is […] More

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    How to Separate Multiple Email Recipients?

    These days it is very convenient to send the same email to more than on recipient by being able to separate multiple email recipients under the field of To which is essentially the header field, or alternately you can enter the other email addresses in the fields of Cc: or if you want others to not […] More

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    How to access Outlook Mail in Mozilla Thunderbird?

    If you are setting up Outlook Mail in Mozilla Thunderbird in form of using the IMAP account, you will be provided with one more way to view your mail, access your folders and send emails. This will obviously be done in a way that instantly get synchronized with the Outlook Mail available online and with other email providers that […] More

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