Free SFTP Servers- The Top 7!

FTP Servers which is essentially the SSH File Transfer Protocol, must not be mixed with the Simple File Transfer Protocol which utilizes a protocol that lets you complete the transfer of documents using a protected SSH connection. However the FTP needs not to convert data to encrypted form for transferring but the SFTP has the ability to transmit data through a secure procedure with better reliability.

FTP Servers

This secure transfer requires the HIPAA compliant transmitting of data and protects all corporate information from corporate espionage. To be able to make use of SFTP, both of the Client application and a Server application are required to establish a secure connection and conveniently transfer files over servers.  Free SFTP servers are mainly operated in combination with a Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) and hence in this blog we will be talking about the Top 7 Free SFTP Servers that can be run on any version of Windows which can instantly be downloaded.

1.     SolarWinds Free SFTP Server

As a product of SolarWinds and a top contender in the competition of network management software suites, their Free SFTP Server Suite gives a flexible and free to access tool that can instantly protect your files over a particular network. It has the capability of files of the size up till 4 GB and lets you transmit huge files of firmware and iOS on the connected network.

SolarWinds SFTP Server

This software has Multi-thread abilities that let you use the option for concurrent upload and downloading of documents from many network hardwares simultaneously. Furthermore SolarWinds also comprises of strict security settings that lets you have complete control on file transfer procedures through the most protective of procedures even letting you define a particular IP addresses and the range of addresses.

2. Server

This software suite has a complete featured Free SFTP Server with multiple abilities that cater to all your requirements even for those clients that are obsessed with security. It is compatible with the users of Active Directory and comes already configured to stay safe from network attacks like DoS, DDoS, password extraction and a lot more. It is compatible with moving many files around at the same time and supports an amalgamation of remote configuration and for the Distributed File System set ups.

3.     zFTP Server Freeware

zFTP Server is also a suite which comes with complete set of features that may be needed for extensive corporate enterprise requirements. It makes use of the latest encryption protocol for strictest of security while the zFTP Free SFTP Server also provides you with auto updates, instant file transfers and a lot more. In addition to this it also has a login option for the Active Directory users with an IPv6 support. You can allow it to operate on its own as a background system or make use of it as an application mode, considering your needs at the time.

server configuration

4.     Cerberus FTP Server 8

This software is fill of features that has the ability for SFTP file transfer in extension to the safe file transmission protocols such as the HTTPS and the FTP/S. Cerberus is also compatible for Active Directory while its feature for FIPS 140-2 has the attributes to conduct the most protected file transmission protocols.

Cerberus FTP Server configuration

The feature of the HIPAA compliant enables the user to shift files using the strictly confidential patient data. This is that software suite has the ability for Ad Hoc file transfers and protects the sensitive integrity of the files  while the IP auto-banning tools puts added layer of protection on the files.

5.     Sysax Multi Server

In addition to the compatibility with Free SFTP Servers the Sysax Multi Server also utilizes many remote access protocols for transferring of files. These protocols include FTP, FTPS, Secure Shell and Telnet. It is also compatible with HTTP and HTTPS file transmission protocols and its basic user data lets the administrators operate the authentication of Windows for the registered users of Windows at a specific network or they can make customized accounts on the software itself.

6.     Core FTP Mini SFTP Server

This is a basic Free SFTP Server which lets you instantly transfer files in secure manner across devices on a particular network. It gives a basic file transferring ability which is strictly protected using the SSH encryption protocols. Highly basic yet very effective, this software package is absolutely perfect for instant jobs in set ups where complete server installation and configuration isn’t a wise choice.

7.     Free FTPd

SFTP server general options

The last but not the least is a simple but Free SFTP Server that is highly effective. It is very basic in its configuration and simple to operate where can get options for protected file transfers in just moments. This FTPd Software is compatible with SFTP,  while the version of FTPS is sort of a not so protected version while the FTP allows you to transmit files in a secure manner utilizing the least of the resources of the system.

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