Which OS Is Best For Web Designers?

With plenty of operating systems available for web development, you may find yourself in a dilemma about which one to choose. Though all significant OS is great for web development, some stand out and are crowd-favorite due to their simplicity. However, which one is suitable for your unique needs? 

What OS Do Most Web Developers Use?

Web developers are looking for an OS when searching for a new device they’ll use for work. While there is no specific “best” operating system, as one’s preference may not suit your needs, it’s imperative to know if the OS of your choice supports significant browsers. 

Since web development comes with two significant sections: back end and front end. These two factors can affect your choices. For instance, front-end development requires you to test web applications on various browsers like Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, epic, and Chrome. This means you’ll need to check your apps on Opera, Edge, and IE too. For these tasks, Windows and Mac are great options. 

On the other side, with backend development, unless the web app is ASP .NET based, you’re required to work with major OS like Linux/GNU distribution because most web hosting works with this system. However, Mac is not Linux/GNU, though they share various similarities like Unix-like operating systems. Several web developers prefer Mac instead. 

The essential part is that they support significant browsers. Newcomers to web development use Windows to offer simplicity while front-end web developers use Mac, and expert developers prefer using Linux with its robust command line. If you are looking for top-rated web design laptops that are highly recommended for web development or designing, you need to determine important factors, including 

  • Platform or operating system
  • Specs
  • RAM
  • Size
  • Battery life
  • 2-in-1 hybrid laptops or traditional clamshell
  • Touchpad or keyboard
  • Brand or manufacturer’s reputation
  • Budget 

Once you’ve decided which laptop works best for you, here’s a complete breakdown of the best operating system and its features to help you determine your purchasing decisions. 

  • Mac iOS

Apple devices and computers are pricey compared to those with Windows. For most web developers and designers working with backend development, iOS is almost similar to Linux, making development more straightforward.

One of the significant advantages of working with MacOS is that they can operate on all known browsers for a test. If your goal is to have complete compatibility and test projects in various browsers, then macOS is advantageous. 


One thing is for sure, you’ll find Linux everywhere. With Unix and it’s Unix-like operating system running about 68% of central servers. Android is built with Linux, the widely-known mobile operating system worldwide.

While Linux is famous for most web developers due to being accessible and installing everything needed for web development and designing efficiently, some devices don’t operate effectively with Linux. 


This is probably the most convenient and popular operating system in market share’s term, with approximately 87.9% of devices running on this OS. This is more affordable and easy to configure compared to Apple devices.

Several web developers may find challenges working with advanced web designs with Windows, including Node & npm, Docker containers to operate, and more. One primary reason is its default command utility line being PowerShell. This is a different variance compared to Bash you’ll find on most Linux servers.

However, if you’re working with basic design or development, it requires an editor like VSCode, another Microsoft product. 

  • Chrome OS

Chromium OS is the most straightforward and simplest OS available nowadays. This operating system, designed by Google, is similar to your Chrome website browser. However, it’s transformed into an OS.

What sets it apart from the three popular OS is that it doesn’t have a file browser nor run applications. The web development and design work need to work through its browser-running web applications. If you are comfortable with coding directly with eaw CSS and HTML or prefer not to use code editors, then Chrome OS is your fine, even though limited choice. 

What Is The Best Operating System For Web Development?

There is no right or wrong answer as each operating system works effectively per web developers’ style and preference. Some are more comfortable working with Windows, while others prefer Linux or macOS. It’s all about identifying which OS allows productivity and offers compatibility with what you are working with. 

Regardless of which device you are working with your project, it must support various browsers to test your project’s efficacy. The four OS mentioned above are available in multiple devices with multiple specifications and distinctive benefits and setbacks.


Finding the right tool varies with which you are most comfortable to work on and encourages productivity. Since web development is not about operating systems, it depends on the device and software you plan to develop with your projects and the compatibility with major browsers. 

Written by Casim Khalid

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