Cloud Server Pricing, Finding The Pricing Plan That Perfect For You

Cloud server refers to the several servers connected to the internet and creating an application or software service. Cloud is an internet-based server; Cloud offers you several services such as data hosting and sharing, application use, software, and web hosting. Cloud is using many servers that are connected together to share the capacity. It means that Cloud is not only using a single physical machine, but also other different physical machines that can contribute to other computers.

If you are interested in using Cloud, there are several advantages you will get. Such as unlimited customization to your storage, bandwidth, or others. Cloud is also secured even it is supported by different physical machines. In contrast to Virtual Private Server (VPS), Cloud has no downtime because of the physical devices that supported the system. Once a server is down, the other server will back up the server.

Before deciding to purchase a cloud, you need to know the pricing details about it and what are the features. Cloud pricing is beneficial because most providers will only charge you based on the usage.

Cloud Servers Pricing

Cloud Server pricing may be different from one provider to another. However, this article will give you brief information regarding the general charge that you must pay to use the service. The price depends on the resource that you use, such as the SSD storage, RAM, CPU Core, and others. If you want an affordable price of Cloud, you can use 25GB SSD Storage, 1 CPU Core, and 1GB RAM by only paying $5 for a month. However, if you have a ‘busy’ website, you need to have more resource capacity. With 3TB storage, 128GB RAM, and 24 CPU Cores, it will cost you $650 for a month. The price will increase if you want to upgrade the bandwidth, storage, CPU Cores, and other resources. Some providers also charge you based on each resource, not all in one package. However, if you still hesitate to use this service, you can try the free trial that is available in every provider. The trial can vary from 3 days to 14 days free, and if you are interested in using the service, register as soon as possible.

Additional Pricing Details

As Cloud Server provides charge you a certain price for a package or certain resource, you can also get the other resource to exclude from the package. However, you will get an additional charge from it. The service such as:

  • Operating System (OS)

To use the OS, you also need to purchase the license. The OS can be Linux or Windows, which also has different prices for each of them. This OS license will be put on an additional charge.

  • Managed Services

If you want to monitor your server performance and uptime, you can use this service. The team will monitor your server performance and support the task management for you. This service is applicable to any service if it is needed, and you will get a flat charge monthly.

  • Backup Storage

You can use a backup service for your Cloud started from $35 for a month, depending on the service.

Are cloud servers more expensive than other servers?

As Cloud Server has high availability and performance, the price is more expensive than other servers for sure. erWith many different physical machines, Cloud has much better work than Virtual Private Server (VPS) or others. Besides, Cloud also has a high performance in networking, CPU, and storage. It means that when the server is down or offline, another server will automatically back it up and minimize the downtime. Even though Cloud is more expensive than the others, if you use this service, you will get charged based on the usage, and you do not need to pay for the resource you do not use.

To ease you in deciding which Cloud is the best choice for you, here are some considerations you need to take before purchasing a Cloud:

  • Understanding your needs

This aspect is the most important thing you need to make before purchasing a cloud. You have to make a list of your needs and plan which service that you want to buy. Find the provider that matches your needs, and you will not spend more than you should.

  • Full service

We recommend you to choose a cloud provider company that offers full support to its users. So that if there is a problem with the server, you can immediately ask the operator for help. Make sure that these service providers provide support for 24 hours.

  • Noticing the load balance

Please note that load balance is one of the most crucial aspects of this cloud service. So you need to make sure that the cloud provider you choose provides a backup server if one server has a problem. The function of the load balancer is to help direct users to an active server.

  • Determine the scalability

The cloud provider allows the users to measure server capacity anytime when it is needed. So that if your traffic is getting busy, then you can easily and quickly upgrade the server to handle the increasing traffic.

  • Consider the security

Remember that security is also an essential aspect of the Cloud that is used. Therefore, make sure that the cloud service provider you choose has guaranteed security features.

  • Doing a periodic evaluation

When you choose a cloud service, make sure that they offer a free trial first. Why is this important? Of course, because this will help you determine whether the cloud provider you choose is worthy of choosing or not.


  • Identifying the pros and cons

Another thing that is important for you to pay attention to is the advantages and disadvantages of each cloud service provider. You can find out and dig up as much information as possible first, and then you can compare. Collect all of the information about each provider’s advantages and disadvantages and visit the cloud service provider site. Then understand in detail what services and features they offer, usually at a glance you will find out what the advantages and disadvantages that they are offered. In addition, you can also search for various testimonials from these service providers through several sites or discussion forums. Please compare, then decide which one is the best.

Written by Faraz Butt

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