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    Most demanding PC Games – The Top 5!

    Have you recently purchased a brand new PC and want to test run various games on it to see how your PC handles the most demanding PC games? Or you may have purchased a new processing unit for your PC and wish to test run the most demanding PC Games to check its running capacity? […]

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    Use the Best Wake On LAN Software for Free!

      Wake On LAN is basically a protocol of a network which transmits certain packets onto any IP address of the user’s choosing particularly associated with a broadcast frame which will trigger the device to wake up given it is enabled with a WOL in the first place. The capability of performing Wake On LAN on […]

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    Spiceworks Alternatives – Other Sources of Network Management!

    Spiceworks is this amazing free of cost tool that manages Network & Computer Inventory and cater to all desk based assignments in the IT department and the overall infrastructure. However as this tool is free of cost it does have its drawbacks as well so we have compiled the Best Spiceworks Alternatives that you can […]

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    Active Directory Cleanup – Get rid of all Inactive Accounts!

    Prolonged Inactive users or computer accounts choke not just up your system but can also bring significant threats to your network because opportunistic hackers always find their way into a system or a network using these inactive accounts, hence it is important to bring a permanent solution to them and this is where Active Directory […]

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    NTFS Permissions Tool – Your Effective Active Directory Tool

    NTFS Permissions Tool is this useful package of software which lets you select any User in the Active Directory along with a particular Share, File or Folder and the software will give all Effective Permissions to that specific User and the file or folder. This software is completely free to use and will be extremely […]

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    You don’t need to Jailbreak now to upload files from your iPhone!

    Apple users seem to stay at a pedestal for many perks that Apple exclusively offers however iOS can trick you particularly when you find yourself handicapped on simple tasks such as uploading a file from your iDevice.  If you are a victim of this frustration being an Apple user then you are at the right […]

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    Now Enjoy Using Instagram on the Big Screen of your PC!

    Tired of using Instagram on that small screen of your phone? Then this article will guide you on how to enjoy the perks of Instagram on the big screen of your PC. Instagram’s new user interface on PC has gained a lot of popularity among the Insta fans and even though you cannot do everything […]

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    Get the Periscope for your PC now!

    You may have heard of the Periscope but in your grade 8 physics class, isn’t it? However, the Periscope we are talking about here is a mobile app, which is a product of Twitter which you can use to do live broadcasts with the public or your followers. As it is a mobile app, first […]

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    Your ultimate guide to using Creehack!

    There are people who choose to migrate from the confined world of the iOS to an open source of the Android’s world from where the apps like Creehack became highly popular. If you have ever thought about hacking in to the in-app purchases in the Android store then let us tell you about this one […]