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    Solarwinds Vs SCOM- Which one is better?

    No one can ever sum up the importance of systematic network monitoring; these days even a lay person knows how crucial it is for the apps to function properly on a given network, to keep an eye on the internet traffic and to dig out the root cause of a given issue in any network- […]

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    2DS Emulator- Comprehensive Guide for all Devices!

    If you don’t own a Nintendo 2DS but still wish to enjoy the games for 2DS then you can get a 2DS Emulator and it will solve everything out for you. There are multiple emulators out there for all kinds of devices and in this post we will talk on how to get the 2DS […]

  • How to Fake Number Call


    How to Fake Number Call?

    We live in the era influenced by smart phones, automatic caller ID’s with the capability of blocking any unrecognized and restricted callers because fake number calls have gone a large way in annoying people. You will mostly find young teenagers and children doing prank calls just for fun to people they wish to annoy. These […]

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    Appcake no jailbreak- No need to jailbreak your iDevice for Appcake anymore!

    In this post we will be discussing a hot topic that has been the center of online search for many individuals which is of Appcake no jailbreak. If you are a loyal iPhone user or an Apple user than you must already be familiar with this awesome app and the perks that come along with […]

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    Packet Sniffers- The Guardians of your Network

    All IT professionals and personnel whether employed in small scale or large scale companies, understand the importance of data and issues that come with them. Troubleshooting an arising problem is half based on instincts and the other half depends on the data itself and in this data part is where the Packet Sniffers comes in. A […]

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    Facebook Messenger Bots- All that you need to know!

    It will not come as a surprise to you if we tell you that much more than 900 million people across the world connect with their family and friends through the Facebook Messenger each month using its chat feature and the phone call tool which can connect calls using internet. However now Facebook has launched […]

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    How to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Android?

    As buyers and consumers we can somewhat be finicky in terms of our brand choices. There was a time when loyalty to brands was strong and now even the most stringent of Apple loyal users aren’t as loyal as they used to be back in time. The smart phone market is rapidly increasing and competition […]

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    The Top Pregnancy Apps for iPhone

    It is always a dream come true and an exhilarating moment when a couple finds out that they are expecting a baby however this can equally be stressful as well. Many new parents to be would have hundreds of concerns and questions in terms of what they should do next and how to go about […]

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    The Top Emoji Apps for iPhone!

    In a century where emotions are exhibited more via emojis than via facial expressions, it is imperative to have an appropriate Emoji App that can serve our purpose well. This also saves on time because rather than composing ultra long texts or messages, one can simply put in an emoji that represents the emotion in […]

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    Apple Touch ID not working? Here is what you can do!

    Touch ID is essentially the fingerprint sensor feature of Apple devices that allows you to lock your device, unlock your apps, give permission to Apple Play Store for making any purchases; all this can be done using your fingerprint scan. This is a highly clean system which is convenient to use and will not give […]