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  • Counterstrike

    How to resist an attack in counter-strike

    Enemies in Counter-Strike are always trying to do you damage and can appear unexpectedly. Your task is to quickly orient yourself in the situation and repel the attack. No two situations are alike, the enemy attacks are always different, but we want to give you some universal advice that will be useful both for beginners […] More


    Best Tips for Victory in Counter-Strike

    At first glance, playing Counter-Strike is pretty simple: shoot and kill your enemies. But in fact, it is important to use the right tactics, and there are many interesting tricks that will shorten the way to victory. If you are a beginner, then the tips for beginners from professionals will allow you to achieve impressive […] More

  • Person using computer playing FPS game

    Why The Gaming Industry Is on The Rise

    Video games have been around since the 1970s when the classic ‘Pong’ was introduced to the masses. Since then, video games have grown in number and sophistication decade after decade. Now, in 2022, it’s estimated that there are over 3.1 billion gamers across the globe, which is nearly half of the total population. This is […] More

  • Gray-and-red arcade machines photo

    Love slot games? Tips for more rewarding play

    It’s more than 120 years since a gentleman called Charles Fey introduced his Liberty Bell machine to an excited American public. The device had three reels with six different symbols and when all three matched it paid out a cash prize.   Today’s video slot games are as different from the Liberty Bell as a modern […] More

  • Aerial photography of casino

    Most Loved Casino Games

    Online casinos offer the distinct advantage of getting into the game from anywhere in the world and enjoying your favorite gambling game. These innovative gambling platforms have continued evolving over the years, giving rise to thousands of immersive and sophisticated casino games. Here are the most loved casino games you’ll find in any online casino […] More

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    Most demanding PC Games – The Top 5!

    Have you recently purchased a brand new PC and want to test run various games on it to see how your PC handles the most demanding PC games? Or you may have purchased a new processing unit for your PC and wish to test run the most demanding PC Games to check its running capacity? […] More

  • Candy Crush

    Top Games like Candy Crush!

    Candy Crush has got all of us addicted to constant toggling with one’s Touch Screen. Hence we are bringing you the most awaited list of all Games like Candy Crush in case you need a new gaming addiction. The games which are mentioned in this list can easily be downloaded from the Play Store and […] More