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Instagram Video Downloader Tools to Download Any Video You Want

Instagram Video Downloader

Instagram launched back in 2010 and since then it has gained popularity throughout the world. The user base continues to grow and more people fall in love with the social networking site every day. Instagram is a platform that provides users with a place where they can share their lives with family, friends and the world at large. How? Through pictures and videos. It got so successful, that another social media giant, Facebook, purchased it. Currently, Instagram boasts a daily active user base of over 200 million and is considered to be an app that everyone needs to have. More users means more content and a lot of this content includes videos. And where there is video, there is need to download them. So, if you’re wondering what the best Instagram video downloader is, you’ve come to the right place.

Instagram Video

First, a little background on Instagram videos. These videos used to be limited to just 15 second clips, but after recent updates, Instagram now allows 60 second videos to be uploaded. And that’s not it; in 2017 Instagram rolled out another update which allows multi-video posts. This means that you can have 10 minutes of video in one post. A lot of these videos are worth checking out more than once, and taking with you wherever you go. The best way to do that is to download them. You may want to download them to keep to yourself, or you may want to share them with your other social circles outside of Instagram, share them on Facebook perhaps; whatever your reasons, you can easily download these videos through Instagram video downloader tools and other options. Some of these are discussed in this article right here.

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Android File Manager

Before we talk about all the different Instagram video downloader tools and software, let’s look at what your phone has to offer itself. If you’re using an Android phone, you don’t need third-party services and tools to download any of the videos. You can simply use your Android file manager because each Instagram video you watch gets automatically saved to your phone. The real question is, how do you access these videos? Well, that is where the file manager comes in.

To find the videos on your phone, you need to open your file manager and navigate to the folder labeled Data. Here, tap on the folder named “” followed by tapping on the “Cache” folder. Finally, tap on the “Videos” folder to see a list of all the videos you have watched on Instagram. You just need to change the extension of the file you want to MP4 and there you have it, the video is magically available on your phone! Note that the videos in the list are in reverse order so the most recent video you watched on Instagram will appear first in the list.

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One of the original Instagram video downloader tools, Dredown is often known by its previous name which was Instadown. Despite being on the market for a long time, it continues to go strong with Instagram users. Downloading videos with the help of Dredown is really easy, all you need is a URL of the video you want to download. If you use Instagram on your desktop, getting the URL is really easy, you just need to copy it from the URL bar. Then, take this URL over to Dredown and paste it in the box given. Click “Dredown” and within seconds the MP4 file will start downloading.

Dredown isn’t limited to just Instagram either; you can use it to download videos from a lot of different websites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Vine, Keek, Vimeo, Metacafe, Tumblr, Twitch, Kohtakte, and Vevo. For each of these websites, all you need is the URL of the video, picture or post you want to download and Dredown does the rest of the work for you.

Official Website:


Another web client that you can use as an Instagram video downloader tool is called Gramblast. Why do you need multiple web clients or apps for the same task? Because these websites aren’t always stable and can go down for days at a time. So, it’s always best to keep a backup to your web apps. Using Gramblast is the same as using Dredown, you just need the URL of the Instagram video you want to download. Just copy over the URL to Gramblast, past it in the given box and hit “Download”. The file will start downloading in the MP4 format to your computer and, depending on the size, will be available to be viewed within seconds.

All the videos you grab from Instagram using Gramblast can be saved to your desktop’s hard drive so you can play and view them whenever you want to. You can also upload it on other social media websites if you want to share them with the world.

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One way to download all your own Instagram videos or the ones you like is through IFTTT recipes. What does IFTTT mean and what does it do? Well, IFTTT stands for “If This Then That” and is a way to connect two different apps together through a series of actions. These actions have to meet different if, this, then, that scenarios. So, if you want to use the IFTTT applets for downloading Instagram videos, the first thing you need is an IFTTT account. Then, you also need an Instagram and a Dropbox account to complete the IFTTT recipe.

Once you have set up the IFTTT recipe by linking your Instagram and Dropbox accounts, the rest of the process is all automatic. Whenever you add an Instagram video to your profile, or like a video on uploaded by someone else on Instagram, it is automatically downloaded to your Dropbox account. Can you think of an easier and more efficient way of downloading Instagram videos? We certainly cannot.

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Another web-based Instagram video downloader tool you can use is PostGraber. However, this one is a bit different from other web-based clients and tools. How? While other tools can only grab and download one thing from a particular post, PostGraber can grab the whole post, as its name suggests. This means that it can grab and download all the pictures and videos given in one post. Again, similar to other web-based tools, you simply need the URL of the post you want to download. If you’re using Instagram on your computer, just simply go to the URL bar to copy it. If, however, you’re using the app, you can copy the link from there. Then, bring this URL back to the PostGraber’s page and past it in the box. Finally, click on the “Go” button to start downloading all the content from the website. This may take a little while depending on the size of the content and the speed on your internet connection.

One thing you have to note is that this option works only for public Instagram posts and not any private ones. So, you’ll have to look to other methods if you’re trying to download a private post.

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So far we have talked about downloading Instagram videos on your Android phones or your desktop computer through web apps. Now let’s talk about downloading a video to your iOS devices. If you go to the Apple Store, you’ll find a lot of apps that boast about their ability to download any and all video off Instagram. But, when you download and try to use them, you’ll see that most of these apps are laden with in-app purchases and ads. However, there is an exception by the name of Regrammer. This is a completely free app with some ads, but these ads are less annoying than a lot of the others.

Similar to the web apps, Regrammer also requires the URL of the video you want to download. Simply copy the URL and paste it to in the Regrammer app. Then, click “Preview”. After you have previewed the video, you will have two options on the final page; either download the video to your device or post it back on Instagram on your own profile.

Official Website:

Video Downloader for Instagram

The last of the Instagram video downloader tools is even called Video Downloader for Instagram. This app is perfect for Android users who do not want to work through their file manager to get to the videos they want. You can easily find it in the Google Play Store and it is even easier to use. You can not only download videos from Instagram, but also from Vine. Furthermore, you can repost them to both as well. All this with a single tap in the app. When you download a video, it is automatically saved to your phone’s gallery. That’s not all though, with the most recent update, this app also has the option to download the tags associated with the videos.

Now that you know all the different Instagram video downloader tools and clients, you can go ahead and download any video you like. However, you have to be careful about copyright infringement when you repost these videos under your own name, so always make sure to give credit where it’s due.

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