Deleting a Twitter Account Is Harder Than What Most People Think, Let’s Explore Shall We

Hello again, living isn’t easy and its hard, no doubt about that. Especially the world we live in where every single person is bound by the idea that whatever you do you just need to be in contact with and know about every single situation. Its hard, and you justly know this better than anyone, that is if you are a millennial that life is tough now. No, it is not war tough or great depression tough but more like economic instability and political warfare tough. You have to not only keep your academics up but you also need to keep being great at social connections and also at the same time making enough money to get a house to live in and support your family. this is why in this article you will find out how to Deleting a Twitter Account.

There are times when you would probably wish you had less of the distractions and there are times you probably wish that you hadn’t said anything that would cause you trouble. Because keys are real again. We live in a world of the internet in which if you say something drastic and wrong then it is most definitely going to stay there forever and there is going to be loads of opinion, left and right. Some may love you and some may really dislike you.

Social Media has made it a tad bit easy and also difficult, easy because you can connect with people you never thought you would be able to and difficult because suddenly everyone is entitled to an opinion and let’s be clear and frank, some people just don’t deserve an opinion. These are the people who sit at home and make it their life’s mission to make sure that everyone is as unhappy as they are.

 What is a Twitter Account?

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Contrary to popular belief, before the need to be deleting a Twitter account, Twitter started out as a nonproblematic media forum where people from different parts of the world came together to discuss political issues and common problems. It was a forum introduced to the whole world where you could summarize your information into 140 characters and just talk about what you want.

Before that went out of control and then celebrities started using Twitter and that just made it into a whole media frenzy because let’s be real. When celebrities use twitter they talk about their everyday life and talk about what makes them happy and information about their personal life and that increases the masses interest.

How do You Use Twitter?

The answer to this is fairly simple and easy to understand. Before you start Deleting a Twitter Account you need to first own it. The easy way to use Twitter is by following the points below:

How do You Use Twitter

  • Download the Twitter App from the Play Store
  • Make an account by adding your twitter handle and using a password to keep secure
  • Then when you do that you can search people in the search bar using their own Twitter handle/username to add and follow
  • Once you start following someone you can and will be able to see what they post and who they follow
  • You yourself can also use Twitter by writing your opinions in the message box and showing it to all your followers
  • If you want you can keep your account private so, like Facebook, they would have to send you a request and then you would allow it or you can keep it public and allow people to follow you whenever they feel like.

What Problems Can You Face When on Twitter and Do You Need to Start Deleting a Twitter Account


relationship problems new relationships

Since Twitter is an open account where everyone can comment and even if you aren’t following them or they are following you people can comment. They all have opinions and most of the time its negative. this can sometimes force you to start Deleting a Twitter Account because of we, as people are quite negative and find it easy to hate on you, the victim by sitting behind a computer screen and spewing out hate. All the internet trolls need to do is to attack you by going to your account and writing comments on things that they don’t like. These are just some of the things that can be horrible for you by trolls:

  • Everyone has an opinion, whether you like it or not and they will let you know about that as soon as they get a chance. Most people just don’t like other people who seem to have something that they don’t.
  • If you are a celebrity then it’s even worse because then you get unjust hate from all sides because you can’t make everyone happy.
  • You can block people if you want but that would cause more uproar and more people tend to come after you.
  • With just 140 characters, you can’t explain an entire situation properly is that can cause confusion and a lot of drama. A lot of drama. Trust us on that.

What is The Solution

Twitter Solution

The simple and easy answer to this question is that you can either start Deleting a Twitter Account or you can fight the trolls. Now here is the dilemma that you will need to go through. If you fight with every single one of your trolls then you will spend all that time with negativity and all that time thinking about all the bad things you can say to these trolls who have no life and live their life behind a computer screen.

Either you can do that or you can just delete your account and take a few days off from the Twitter-sphere and just relax. Take a break from all the stress and anxiety because you need a break from all the negativity in the world.

This can also be your solution when you are studying for your finals or have a big presentation to do as you will admit that Twitter is addictive and when you have something as addictive as Twitter where you can get information about anything from all over the world then it is pretty much the most distracting thing there is. So what you need to do is to actually make sure that the twitter account has been disabled completely for you to continue your work.

How to Delete your Twitter Account

How to Delete your Twitter Account

So, if you have decided to quit Twitter and have decided that you need to let go of your account then these are the thing that you can do to get it terminated. Its very simple and here is how you do it:

  • Log into your account a by using your username and password.
  • Once you have done that go to the account settings
  • And then click on deactivate my account
  • Then an information tab will open asking you if you are sure about this decision. Be strong
  • Then proceed to click confirm to deactivate your account.
  • You will then be asked to type in the password which is a security method which ensures that only you are the one who is deactivating the account and no one else.

Now, it is important to remember that twitter keeps your information and all your data for 30 days before permanently deleting your account and data. The reason for this is to keep your data and information safe in case this was a hack or this was a mistake and you want to reactivate your account. This gives you time to think over your decision and this helps you.

Will This Help You Get Rid of All the Negativity?

Will This Help You Get Rid of All the Negativity?

This is an excellent question and I’m sorry to tell you, my poor soul, that there are people in this world who make it their lives worth to make your amazing life a living hell and if it isn’t on twitter then it’s on Facebook, Instagram and or snapchat and any other future social media app. What you can do as a person who wants to look at the positive side in life is to see which of the battles are worth the fight and whether using this time to defend yourself is worth it or not.

You can be the bigger person and let go of the distraction and negativity but let’s be sure and clear on one thing. These trolls will never back down so what you should and most definitely do is live a happy and creative life and post pictures and videos of your happiness because nothing makes a troll angrier than seeing you happy.

Now that I am getting to the end of the article it has come to the reality that life is simple and it is us humans that make it hard. Life was beautiful when wars were going on and life is beautiful now with all the childlike presidents and economic problems. All we need to do is open our eyes and focus on the positives and also keep in mind that these negatives are the ones that make our life worth living.

This article main focus was to help you understand how you can use these methods to deactivate and leave twitter  and understand the perfect way to start Deleting a Twitter Account when necessary but also to help you understand that there is more to life than bully’s and trolls and you are so much better than all these people who have no life and are sad. Live your life and be happy!

Written by Emma

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