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    Best Instagram Filters – Blow Up Your Instagram Profile

    Aah filters, you can never have enough of them. While some of you might not agree with me and find this post of little value (i know you must be rolling you eyes) Instagram filters, can actually make or break the appeal of your photos. With the right filter you an actually blow up your […] More

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    How to Change Windows Password?

    There are many valid reasons for which one might want to Change Windows Password on your Windows PC. Although technically one must change their Windows Password every now and then because it is wise to do for if you want your PC to remain safe from unauthorized intrusion. Also you might need to Change Windows […] More

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    Why is Instagram Down? Here are a Few Reasons Why the App wont Load

    We hardly recall ever being bugged by Instagram, ever since it has been in market. On the other hand we have witnessed some app crashes here and there. Such a bleak incident can be worrying if you trust your app with your work and heavily rely on it. (all the bloggers out there, we can […] More

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    The YWA Meaning!

    YWA Meaning is known as one of those acronyms that you get to see once in a blue moon. Of course, because this is so rare and if you ever receive it you would be badly wanting to know what it means so that you can appropriately respond to any message that your receive containing […] More

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    How to get rid of Android Virus?

    Even though an Android Virus is a rare phenomenon however apps infected with malware are indeed present on the Google Play store. The third party apps that aren’t accessible on the Google Play store are more of a threat because Google hasn’t had the chance to verify them as safe. If you download these malicious […] More

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    The FWM Meaning!

    It is quite inevitable that in this advanced world of texting, instant messaging, social media commenting and image posting, the language used has also taken a revolutionary change where simple sentences like “What you doing” have changed to “WYD” which is not only always to save time but also to appear cool and mingled in […] More

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    How to Save Instagram Videos to Your Phone or Tablet?

    Instagram does not need any formal introduction pfft! (make way for the best picture app of the year please) A major hit among make-up bloggers, photographers, personal bloggers, media marketing; Instagram has been out top favorite ever since from the start. Let it be about setting trends, or following one of them, without a doubt […] More

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    Android VPN Handbook 2020

    There is no denying the fact that the free Wi-Fi facility is something that everyone enjoys and applauds. However, as much as free Wi-Fi opportunity fascinates us, they are rarely ever secure. When you are exposed to free Wi-Fi facility at any of the local coffee shop, airport or other public places, there is a […] More

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    Top free online streaming websites

    Living in an era where everyone is so caught up with insane working hours, academic commitments, campus life, family and friends, people hardly get a chance to spend their quality time at some recreational and entertaining places like a movie theatre. Even when the most anticipated movie gets released or the movie that has our […] More

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    Tips to troubleshoot your DTV Converter Box

    Human beings are breathing and surviving in an age where existing without a constant and uninterrupted source of entertainment is not even an option in any house or for any individual. Whether it is work or studies it is now a trend these days to side play a TV show or a movie while studying. […] More

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    How to Change DNS Servers Settings?

    When you sign up for internet access, ISP or Internet Service Provider provides the network settings that include DNS or Domain Name System addresses. The DNS can be used to use various websites, avail online services and download different files. However, their built-in DNS servers are considered to be slower, often unreliable, and not fully […] More

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    The LML Meaning!

    You may be wondering what LML Meaning is and how it has come into use? It might be that you have seen someone with an LML comment. People use LML in a comment on any online forum such as while commenting on any Instagram photo or may include #LML in a tweet. It is in […] More

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