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  • Instagram Video Downloader

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    Instagram Video Downloader Tools to Download Any Video You Want

    Instagram launched back in 2010 and since then it has gained popularity throughout the world. The user base continues to grow and more people fall in love with the social networking site every day. Instagram is a platform that provides users with a place where they can share their lives with family, friends and the […]

  • How To Use Snapchat Filters


    Learn How to Use Snapchat Filters & Make Your Snaps More Interesting

    Which application’s camera do you think people use the most nowadays on their mobile phones? If you think the answer is Snapchat, then you would be correct. According to the Snapchat IPO paperwork, in 2016 the app had 158 million daily active users, who created over 2.5 billion Snaps each day. Snapchat is especially popular […]

  • Center Instagram Bio


    Center Instagram Bio to Make it More Visible

    How do you make everyone in your circle know what you’re up to and what your life is like? Do you message them all individually or do you have regular meet and greets where you can update them? Most probably neither, right? In this day and age, people don’t talk with each other directly, they […]

  • Identity Theft


    Identity Theft – Everything You Need to Know and Do

    The one thing you can be sure in life is about your own self; whether you’re good or bad doesn’t matter, but you can be sure of who you are and who others see you as. But, what if that was taken away from you? Or if someone used your identity to their advantage? What […]

  • Myths of Safe Web Browsing


    The Five Common Myths of Safe Web Browsing

    Before we talk about the myths of safe web browsing, answer this – are we really safe in this world? If your answer is “yes”, then think again. From living in the actual world to creating virtual realities or avatars online on the world wide web, do you honestly think that you are safe in […]

  • Instagram Automatic Likes


    Instagram Automatic Likes – The Do’s and Don’ts

    What does our world depend on in this day and age? Is it simply money and power? Or something more? When the people in the future look back to this time, the first thing they’ll probably look at is the social media profiles of everyone here.