Become Instagram Famous with Our Simple Tricks

8 tips to increases followers and visibility on Instagram

Become Instagram Famous

Do you consider yourself to be a good photographer? Whether it’s pictures of yourself, your surroundings, or even your food. Maybe they’re not as amazing as you think they are, but if they’re good enough to be shared with the world, how do you share it? What about actual photographers among you? People who take pictures for a living. You may have your own portfolios but how do you show the world what you can do? The answer to both questions is Instagram. But, for the world to see you, you have to be someone worth knowing, for which you have to know how to become Instagram famous.


Why? Why do you need to know how you can become Instagram famous when it’s just another social media platform? How can it benefit you or your brand? Well, today’s world revolves around more than just money; your success depends on your fame as well. The more people that know and follow you on websites like Instagram, the more to buy your brand. Instagram is the way to people’s hearts and wallets these days. Even if you have nothing to sell, you may just want some love and appreciation from the world over. For that, you need the world to see you as well. So, we come back to the same question – how you can become Instagram famous.

First thing you have to remember is that Instagram has more than 500 million users worldwide. From its development in 2010, when one of the developers, Kevin Systrom, uploaded the first photo on July 16th, the platform now has almost 40 million photos being uploaded every day. Furthermore, there are more than 400 million active daily users on Instagram. But, what those numbers mean to you? These are the figures you need to keep in mind while trying to make it in the Instagram world. Your posts have to stand out in millions of others being uploaded daily, and your profile has to make a mark in the millions of users that use the platform. Think you’re up for the challenge? Then, go ahead, read the tips we have for you, follow them and become Instagram famous before you know it.

1)     An Easy Name

What is the first thing users see when they click on your profile or your post? Even in real life, what is the first thing you have to know about any new person you come across? Their name. You can’t follow someone you don’t know the name of. And you don’t want them to just follow you, they must be able to say your name out loud while talking to their friends or colleagues. So, you need a name that is not only easy to read, but also easy to pronounce when saying out loud. If your name is too difficult, people are unlikely to talk about it in their social circles, and you need the way of “word of mouth” when starting out. Really difficult names that people can’t read don’t get clicked on, so no one would bother checking the kind of content you have in your profile.

2)     A Good Profile Picture

Good Profile Picture

Next to your name is another thing that contributes to the “first impression” phenomenon; your profile picture. Think about it, would you ever trust someone you have never seen the face of? Someone you can’t pick out from a crowd? You’re likely to be wary of anyone who tries to hide who they are, right? That’s how it works on Instagram and other social media platforms as well. If you’re trying to increase your following, you need to be accessible to the people you want following you. One way to do it by being visible. For that, you need to have a good profile picture, which should be eye catching. You should never use a random object, a sports team, or some other redundant thing that doesn’t show the people who you are as a person. People on Instagram take everything at face value, and for them to do that you need to have your face visible for them to value yours.

3)     An Effective Bio

One more thing you need to consider while setting up your profile is your Instagram bio. This is the first thing people see that tells them who you are as a person and as an Instagram user. Your bio tells them whether you’re just another random person posting about their mundane life, or if you’re someone they need to follow. Your bio can help portray your personality to the world; are you a creative, mysterious artist, a funny guy or girl with something hilarious to say about everyday things, or are you a cool trendsetter? Whatever persona you want the world to see, it has to show through your bio so don’t copy paste something you’ve seen over the internet; make it personal and make it effective.

4)     Get a Niche or Theme

Now that you’ve set up the basics of your profile, time to think of the bigger picture (pun very much intended). What are you bringing to the world of Instagram that someone else doesn’t already bring? With millions of users, chances are that every topic in the world, every new idea has already been done by someone else already, so how do you stand out? Well, just because someone has already done it doesn’t mean you can’t do it better. However, you have to think about exactly what that is and who your target audience will be. In trying to please everyone, you’ll ultimately fail at pleasing anyone.

So, what do you do to both stand out and still appeal to the people you want as your followers? Get a niche or theme. Think of what you’re good at, something you can share your wisdom on with the rest of the world. For instance, if you travel a lot, you can make your Instagram about your travels. If you’re into fashion and know all the latest trends, then share your style and advice on fashion. Your niche can be anything; travel, fashion, food, books, movies, sports, and so much more. Just make sure that whatever you choose, you have a passion for it so you can be considered as the “guru” of the particular thing and build a following.

5)     Upload Regular Posts

instagram multiple uploads

Instagram demands just one thing from you; posts. The only way you can become Instagram famous is if you have something worth being famous for. Your posts not only need to be relevant and good, but also regular. You may be wondering how to define “regular”; does it mean posting every single day? No. You can’t overdo it either. There is a fine balance between posting regularly enough to keep your followers interested, and posting so frequently that they get bored and annoyed. You have to find that balance for yourself by keeping an eye on the audience engagement with your posts. And the most important thing to remember; never compromise on the quality of your posts for the sake of quantity. It doesn’t matter how many posts you upload if the content of those posts isn’t interesting.

6)     Let Your Creativity Reign

One downside to so many users is that there is very little original content you see on the platform. With millions of posts being uploaded daily, it’s safe to assume that many of them will be similar if not exactly the same. That is a hole you cannot allow yourself to fall in. If you want to truly become Instagram famous, then you have to show the world that you’re worth it and willing to work for it. So, instead of the generic posts people see and share everywhere, you have to come up with something original and creative. If you fail to do that, if you post the same old boring things people see everywhere, they will simply ignore you and not bother with your profile.

7)     Interact With Your Audience

panel of social media interaction tools

Instagram is all about sharing your life with other people, and one big part of that is you yourself. You have to make the time to respond to your followers and show them that you’re someone they can relate to and talk to. Now, if you eventually get a million followers, it would be pretty much impossible to reply to every comment or message you receive. However, until you reach that tipping point, make sure to reply to as many people as you can. Your reputation of being accessible will soon spread, allowing more people to seek you out and follow you.

8)     Link Your Profiles

With so many options to choose from, which social media platform do you use to grow your brand? Well, why choose? Why not use all the options available to you and take advantage of the increased marketing? So, whether you use Facebook or Twitter, or both, link them all with each other and have your friends from Facebook follow you on Instagram and Twitter and vice versa. This increases both your followers and your visibility.

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