Guide to Buy Online Pakistani Bridal Dresses

Marriage is something once in a lifetime occasion. Especially, ladies are obsessed with the ideas of their matrimonial wears. Among these bridal outfits, a new trend has emerged and that is of Pakistani dresses for wedding designs. Pakistan is known for its one-of-a-kind designs in bridal wear categories.

Types of Bridal Dresses:

If you want to buy a Pakistani dress for a wedding, then you need to know about different types of bridal dresses in Pakistani ladies’ dresses for the wedding.

Lehenga with Double Dupatta Pakistani Wedding Dress:

In the bridal world, this trend is recently in rage. In this type, the bride wears a lehenga with her choice to pick for solo color or contrasting shades of dupatta to fulfill her dress code desire. This is a widely used type of Pakistani wedding dresses.

Classic Lehenga Choli of Pakistani Dresses for the Wedding:

Recently, the classic lehenga choli made a comeback with new designs and a modern scheme. This kind of Pakistani dresses for women, intended for a wedding, does not need a lot of work to be done. Even with very basic lehenga choli, the bride looks stunning. Intricate work on it is a plus.

Royal Saree:

Saree is a twist in Pakistani bridal dresses collection. The elegantly tailored saree is surely a head-turner. It symbolizes a bold look of heritage and culture in Pakistani society. This can be the best choice for a show-stealer bride.

Gown Vogue:

People usually like Banarsi fabric, while considering gown vogue. This design recently got famous after many celebrities were wearing it. This is one of the sophisticated and elegant types of Pakistani dresses for women.


Peplum is for confused brides. It is for the ones who cannot give up on either choice, which is to look eastern or western. If you are the one who likes both cultures equally, Peplum is for you. This dress code integrates both cultures very finely.

Farsi Lehenga:

It is often considered as the extension of peplum. However, this is different from peplum. It does have peplum on top sometimes, but usually, these are lehengas with front open. If you want to amalgamate the true touch of Pakistani culture, this is it.

Hijabi Bridal Dress:

If you are a Muslim Barbie also known as hijabi bride, then this is for you, specifically. Hijabi bridal wear is recently the most trending in the world. This bridal dress code integrates Pakistani culture with that of Islamic values. However, this is not limited to just Muslims. Followers of other religions also love it.

How to Buy a Pakistani Dress in the UK?

Choosing Pakistani dresses for a wedding in the UK is something very dear to ladies. Therefore, choosing the right one that fits your personality is important. However, finding the original Pakistani wedding dress was quite hectic abroad. However, thanks to technology now you can make anything available at any time. Website and stores like can easily arrange it for you, even if you are living in the UK. You can buy any of the above dresses on our website.

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