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  • Instagram female fitness model


    Instagram female fitness model frenzy and you

    Do you plan to hit the gym daily but end up procastinating on your couch? Are you trying to find that motivation to do that workout for a fitter body? Are you unhappy with your weight and want to lose a few pounds? Or are you a fitness freak and want to follow and appreciate […]

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    Easy guide to deleting and deactivating your twitter account

    Do you want to do away with all this overwhelming amount of tweets on your news-feed daily? Are you tired of your twitter account and want to get rid of it? Are you confused as to how you can immediately delete twitter account? Do you feel unsure as to what is the difference between deactivation […]

  • Using Instagram Search


    Using Instagram Search

    Did you just make an Instagram account? Are you relatively new to instagram? Do you find it hard to specifically find someone or something on Instagram? Well if that is the case and you are confused about how to carry out an Instagram search, this article will help you find your way around Instagram.

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    Top tips for most rating pictures for Instagram

    So you have an Instagram account, you have all these amazing photos but still you are not getting as many likes as you anticipated. Why is it that other people get more rating on their pictures for Instagram and you don’t?