All the information you need for buying an Instagram account

So you own a business whether big or small and want an immediate boost of followers? Are you confused whether to buy an Instagram account or not? What should you be looking for if you want to buy an Instagram account? In this article, we would be covering all the basic essentials you need for buying an Instagram account. So let’s start.

What buying an account entails

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The first question that comes to mind is why do you need to buy an Instagram account or what is the concept behind buying an account? Well mostly people who own some sort of business, blog or an organization buy Instagram accounts. Other people who want immediate large amount of followers to advertise their talents and sell their works, also buy Instagram accounts. If you fall under any of these categories you may consider buying an account. It must be noted though that people can have other personal reasons for buying an account as well. Now, let’s talk about what is the general idea behind buying an account. These days creating an ‘Insta’ account from scratch and building up followers is pretty hard. The competition is very tough in the market and companies who brought good already made Instagram accounts saw a boost in their popularity and sales. Basically these accounts are ready made accounts on Instagram created by people or different groups which already have a large number of followers following that account. You can buy that already famous account and use it for sharing your own content and advertising your product or idea. The idea of buying an account is easier, quicker and better then making an account and gathering followers yourself and that is why many people are reverting to buying Instagram accounts.

How do I buy an Instagram account?

In this article we cannot give you the names of the accounts up for selling but we can tell you a few places to look up if you are interested in buying an Instagram account. Here a few websites you can visit to see Instagram accounts on sale;


Apart from these you can also check eBay, amazon and other selling websites for Instagram accounts that are worth buying. The steps for buying an account are pretty simple, you can browse through the given accounts and look at their number of followers, popularity etc. you can see the type of content they have and if it matches with the products or ideas you want to sell. It is preferable that you buy an account in your own ‘niche’ that is if there is an account for fitness and motivation and you own a company for nutritional supplements, that that is your niche and these are the sort of accounts the company should be looking for. If you like the account, you can contact the sellers and buy that account. Prices range from 100$- 1000$ depending on the size of the followers on the account and the demand of the account. It is preferable that you do your business transaction through a professional company. Once your payment is received by the owner, you will get the accounts username through email. You can analyze and check the account.  If you aren’t happy with the account you can be cancel the order and be refunded. However, if you are satisfied with the specific Instagram account, all you need to do is confirm your order and sign all the legal documents related to the purchase. After that you will be given the accounts log in details and further advice for the account. Log in details would include the parent email ID and password. Once you have all the information you can change the log in details of the account and use that account for your benefit after it. It must be remembered that once you are given the log in details, there can be no refund.

Targeted Instagram accounts

What are targeted Instagram accounts? Well, these accounts are specifically made to serve a certain target and hit a certain audience. For example there are accounts for car show rooms, or buying online pets. These accounts have content similar to the content you are selling hence if you buy that account the followers you will get, will be people who are specifically interested in the content of that account and naturally they would be interested in the product your company sells. This is a targeted Instagram account and you need to find these accounts to buy. These accounts are active accounts and are created for several months or years. ‘Gramlike’ sells such authentic accounts which has followers who are real and interested people and not scams. They already have hundreds of satisfied customers and good customer reviews. Gramlike has accounts ranging from travel, pets, yoga, cars, luxury, fashion, food, bodybuilding, hot girls, hot guys, funny, art and more. These targeted accounts are a great way to expand your business in lesser time.

Things you need to be careful about whilst buying an account

  1. Make sure the account you are buying is authentic and the company who is giving you this deal is authentic. There are a lot of scammers out there so you need to be careful!
  2. You need to be sure of the account you are buying, because once you are given access to the account there is no refund or going back.
  3. Do your research on different accounts before finalizing the deal.
  4. When you buy an account make sure it suits your product. If you switch the theme of the bought account or make it a personal account you are bound to lose followers. For example if there is an account about cats and you buy that account and change its theme to sports and fitness, you will eventually lose followers.
  5. If you use the wrong services of scammers or from shady businesses they may still have access to your account and they can spam your followerswith ads for their service, or anything really. This can also decrease your followers. Hence make sure you buying is legally resolute and all loopholes checked.

What are the benefits of buying an Instagram account?

As mentioned above as well, the benefits of buying an account are, that you get an easy and quick head start in the marketing industry. It is human nature that people find such products more credible if they are famous and have more followers then their competitors. Hence buying an account increases the market value and credibility of your product. This will in return increase your online sales and conversations, thus making you gain profit from the investment you initially made in buying the account. You will also with time because of your popularity gain more real followers who are interested in your product. This will also be a great way to march your new marketing strategies and obtain quicker results.

What are the cons of buying an Instagram account?

There are people out there who consider it cheating, that you buy your followers rather than earning them and hence if they find out that your organization has “brought” followers it may reflect badly on your product. Thus it is important that if you do buy an account you do not let that information out in the open. Another problem with buying an Instagram account is that quiet a fair amount of followers in such accounts can be inactive followers, or ‘insta bots’. Such accounts are useless to a company as they are not real people who can buy their product. Hence a thorough research needs to be done before buying an account. Moreover buying an account can give your company an initial boost but you need to follow-up with creative marketing strategies to keep your followers engaged and not have them lose interest. One negative side of buying an account is that mostly the followers you have aren’t even potential customers, they may just be randomly following an account and never be consumers. These people will not be interacting and commenting on what you advertise and will just be followers.

Few way to know which account can be beneficial

This may be a hard task but a few things you can notice about a specific account out for sale is this;

  1. How many followers do they have?
  2. How many like are they getting per post?
  3. How many comments and engaging discussions are they having per post?
  4. What sort of followers do they have? Check a sample of the followers’ accounts for authenticity.
  5. Keep a statistics of the overall account activity and the public reaction to it.
  6. Know the reputation and the reviews of the company or people selling that account.

Apart from these precautionary measures, there are many other ways legal ways in which you can make sure that you do not end up making a bad bargain. So keep a legal adviser at hand!

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