Instagram female fitness model frenzy and you

Instagram female fitness model

Do you plan to hit the gym daily but end up procastinating on your couch? Are you trying to find that motivation to do that workout for a fitter body? Are you unhappy with your weight and want to lose a few pounds? Or are you a fitness freak and want to follow and appreciate other fitness lovers like you? Well if that is the case then Instagram fitness models are the new fad. Fitness related posts are on an all-round high on Instagram these days. And female fitness models on Instagram are being followed by users all around the globe for several reasons. Whether you are a woman wanting to achieve fitness and needing motivation, or you are an Instagram user who wants fitness tips and techniques, to guys wanting to follow the hottest fitness model, everyone has their reasons for searching and for connecting with these models.

Since Instagram is a social media site where you can specifically share photos and short videos and have people follow you, it is natural that this is the best place to find Instagram fitness models. These models use Instagram as a gate-way to show off their hard worked upon bodies, motivate others to reach their goals and to earn money too! Of course since there are a number of women out their sharing their fitness related posts, one may get confused with whether whom to follow or who is the top trending model. Whether you are a guy or a girl if you are looking for the top Instagram fitness models, then we have just the thing for you. In this article we have lined up some of the top hottest and fittest health and fitness models on Instagram. Here is a list in no particular order;

    1. Emily Skye | @EmilySkyeFit Known as the fitness queen Emily Skye is Australian born and brand ambassador of reebok. She has over 8 million followers over her different social media accounts. She is a profession model, wellness coach and fitness expert who promotes and emphasizes on mental health awareness and healthy living. She is 32 years old and is best known for her athletic body. If you are looking for cool training videos, workouts and fitness advice, this is an account you should follow on Instagram and broaden your fitness horizons. Apart from being a model and a fitness trainer Emily Skye has also experienced being a TV host, done acting, editorials, and runways and has dabbled in film and photography. She was globally give recognition as the winner of WNBF miss figure and fit body in 2011. She was also ranked third as the top fitness influences in the world by Forbes magazine. The thing about Emily is that she does not only cover hard core gym routines but also includes diet and healthy lifestyle habits in her tips and videos.Emily Skye | @EmilySkyeFit
    2. Michelle Lewin | @Michelle_Lewin Also known as the Latin queen to the fitness scene. Michelle Lewin was born in Venezuela, who later moved to USA, South Florida. She has a total of 9 million Instagram followers on Instagram only and is a hard core fitness model, body builder and part time bikini babe. She is 30 years old and is worldwide acknowledged for her fitness training and diet plans. Her workouts are basically concentrated on core and strength training with a diet plan to help lose fat and enhance muscles with it. She posts videos of her workouts daily and focuses mostly on glutes and abs. She has graced over thirty magazine covers, including playboy magazine and several fitness magazines. She does not believe in starving yourself to death to become thinner, but propagates a healthy diet with regular workouts. She is a very motivational trainer as her own path to fitness and success was a rocky one and she knows how to deal with struggles, nay-Sayers and self-doubt. She does not believe in the stereotypical beauty and modelling standards and inspires young girls to be the best of what they are. For all the women out there looking for motivational goals and loving their bodies, if this is not an inspirational and motivational account to follow, we don’t know what is! And all the men out there this is a model you would not want to miss following on Instagram.Michelle Lewin | @Michelle_Lewin
    3. Jen Selter | @JenSelter Jen Selter, her full name being Jennifer Leigh Selter is an American fitness model and an internet celebrity. She has nearly 10 million followers on Instagram and is by far the most famous Instagram fitness model. Although she has not won any bodybuilding modeling competitions, her hard earned body is greatly admired by all her followers. She is only 24 years old and already a sensation around the world. This young girl started her fitness journey in high school using gym and workout to deal with stress, and thus to keep herself motivated she used Instagram to post her gains and be surrounded by like-minded people virtually. This helped her in keeping herself motivated towards her goals.  Soon her Instagram selfies also called ‘belfies’ grabbed a lot of attention on Instagram and she became very famous for her fitness goals. She is motivated fitness guide, set on inspiring people to be their best and push hard towards their fitness goals with a positive attitude. She has been featured by Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, Women’s Health, Elite Daily, The New York post and other magazines for her fitness and amazing body. Her mission is to help others become the best versions of themselves.Jen Selter | @JenSelter
    4. Caitlin Rice | @CaitlinRiceFit Caitlin rice is an American initially an ‘army brat’ as she calls herself. She started gym at a young age to release her stresses and live a healthy life. Starting off as a model she soon became a fitness model and an Instagram sensation because of her amazing body. She has over 1 million followers and is as of now 26 years old.  She worked in the fashion industry at a young age and she does not believe in being unhealthily thin and having a bad diet. She loves weight lifting and is a self-made trainer. Instagram helped her reach her fame because of the amazing body she sculpted for herself by healthy eating and regular weight training.  Her videos and tips are very informational as she teaches her fans new ways to stay fit and deal with problematic glutes.Caitlin Rice | @CaitlinRiceFit
    5. Paige Hathaway | @PaigeHathaway This dazzling American fitness model has over 4 million followers on Instagram and is one of the hottest bodybuilders present in the fitness industry. She preaches a balanced lifestyle to achieve goals and her profile is highly recommended for people wanting proper lifestyle changes to achieve their goals. She has been featured in many fitness magazines such as women’s health and has won many bikini competitions.  Her fitness journey has been tough and she definitely is an inspiration for all those people out there looking for motivation to reach their goals!Paige Hathaway | @PaigeHathaway
    6. Alice Matos | @AliceMatoss She is a bikini athlete and fitness model from South America also known as the ‘Brazilian bombshell’. She has inspired millions around the world to stay fit and sculpt their bodies as they want. She has over a million followers on Instagram and is followed by fans around the world. Her videos and tips for fitness are educational yet fun. She has won many fitness awards and championships and her account is definitely an interesting one to follow. For alongside inspiring tips, she posts amazing photos of herself too!Alice Matos | @AliceMatoss
    7. Dianna Dahlgren | @DiannaDahlgren Dianna Dahlgren has the honor of being ‘Miss Supercross’ five times and she is also called the ‘monster girl’ for monster energy. Not only is she a fitness model but was also a tough WWE contestant. Even though she doesn’t have as many followers as the rest of the gym babes on our list she still has quiet a big fan base especially in USA. Her account is definitely very adventurous and fun and is a must follow for all the athletic dare devils and fun loving people out there!Dianna Dahlgren | @DiannaDahlgren
    8. Jessica Arevalo | @JessicaArevalo Jessica is a true Californian and a beautiful fitness mode. She is truly an inspiring figure for she herself overcame a turbulent life and fought anxiety and depression. Her profile is very motivational and as well as classy. She has millions of followers on Instagram and is a social sensation. She is also a two time bikini Olympics champion and a star in the fitness modeling industry. She takes pride in empowering women within the health and fitness world and is definitely an amazing trainer. Her profile is a must follow!Jessica Arevalo | @JessicaArevalo
    9. Svetlana Bilyalova | @Svetabily This one is technically not a fitness model but is a model alright and is the hottest women to follow on Instagram on our list. This Russian beauty has one of the hottest accounts on Instagram and is a sight for sore eyes to see. She has over 3 million followers and her unique feminine and amazing photos really make up a hot Instagram profile. Also she does occasionally share health and fitness tips which are beneficial for her fans. Hence, don’t forget to check out her gorgeous account.Svetlana Bilyalova | @Svetabily

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