When Is The Best Time To Post on Facebook Ya’ll?

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Social media is where you live your life now. There is a person who exists in real life and then there is part of you that exists in the virtual world. For most people, this virtual personality of theirs is a mirror image of their real life personality. This virtual personality however, allows them to express themselves. Many of us are unable to do that in real life because there are just so many social constraints. While your virtual world also comes with some restraints, you are still accepted by the cyber community. Also, the cyber world that you access through your social media helps you refine your skills, find out who you are, what do you like, what can you do best, what do you need to work on, what career you should opt for, what inspires you, how can you inspire other, how can you contribute to this social media world and so on. You might then have  numerous social media accounts where you post regularly in order to express yourself and get feedback in return. In the virtual world, you get your feedback through comments, likes and now you can get them through emoji reactions if you are a Facebook user. Talking about Facebook, you must have your own Facebook account as well. In fact, Facebook might be one of the earliest account you must have made. You might have, however, diverted to other social media platforms because on Facebook your posts whether they were statuses, pictures, videos, memes and so on did not get good reception at all. You might think you are simply not made for Facebook. But, do not jump to conclusions just yet because you might have not reached your success simply because you did not post at the right time! Yes, statistics show that there is a best time to post on Facebook that you need to be aware of. Read ahead and you will find out and if you follow this, you just might become famous on Facebook!

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Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2003. This is one of the oldest running social media application. however, unlike many of its contenders, Facebook never failed. This social networking site was able to pull through time and today it remains one for the most successful and frequently applications among individuals around the world. And why would it be not? Facebook is available all over the world today. You can access Facebook in English, Spanish, Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Tagalog, Turkish, Korean among all the other languages in the world. However, Facebook was not always this popular nor was it available worldwide. In the beginning, Facebook was exclusive for Harvard university students in order to help them communicate and find each other. As it reached its height, it was released for access to other prestigious university students as well. But due to high numbers of demand, Facebook was opened for everyone and just then, it reached millions and millions of users! So, what makes Facebook so special? This application initially became popular among users because it helped them connect to their long distance friends and family. They could easily communicate and share media files with each other over the internet. If you have friends from your old school on Facebook, you can simply add them. You simply have to search people who are from your school! Facebook helped people in finding their long lost friends as well then!

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On a normal day, Facebook users share a lot on their timelines. These include pictures, videos, GIFs, memes, and re-sharing posts from the pages they like. Their friends and the public (depending on the settings) have the option of commenting and liking on these posts. And if they really like it or wish to critique these posts, they can simply share them on their timeline as well. On Facebook you can add endless amount of people in your profile. This also helps you in getting more reception for your posts. However, many of us might be experiencing the reverse of this effect. We might have a lot of friends but we are simply unable to reach a good amount of like on our posts. Even if you come up with the most clever words for your statuses, people just might not be hitting the like button on them. No, they do not hate you. Maybe your timing is just off. People when it comes to posting on Facebook its all about the timing. In the following section then, we will tell you about the best time to post on Facebook to help you in reaching your goals.

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Say you run a social media marketing campaign for your own brand or for an employer but you are unable to hit the bang for your posts. And now you are looking for the best time to post on Facebook. So which one should it be? Should it be Monday? Tuesday? Wednesday? Midnight? Daylight? Midday? Or just really late? After cross checking with several resources and confirming accurate statistics then, many individuals found out that the best time to post on Facebook is Saturday during the day time. Why? Because everyone has Saturday’s off! Whether you are blog posting, conducting case studies, guest posts, interviewing others, promoting products and so on, they all rely on appropriate timings. On social media when you post something, it has to be received immediately by others. Because the hits you make with your social media posts usually last for few hours. And if in those hours you gain a lot of attention, your posts become viral for days until another such post takes over. These are the rare secondary effects of your post’s successful. These too however, depend on your timing. While we mentioned Saturday in the above section, we should tell you that unfortunately you should not rely on one single day because there is really no exclusive best time to post on Facebook.

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Many people who have conducted their statistics think that the hits you make with your Facebook posts actually depend more on your audience; their numbers, their mutual likes and so on, then it also depends on your industry and the time zone you belong to. This means that if there is a best time to post on Facebook, it is probably not universal. Because if you notice, not everyone around the world is free and most active on Facebook on a Saturday. In UAE for example, many people have their Sunday’s off instead of Saturdays. And so if your audience members are from this region, they will probably be unable to like or receive your posts. So, statistics then present to your different times for different zones. But, a more general consensus has shown that the usual best time to post of Facebook is in between twelve p.m. and three p.m. The days selected after this consensus are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. You can post on the weekends and do well as well. But the specific time to post on Saturdays and Sundays in between twelve p.m. and one p.m.

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Breaking down this statistical analysis and being more specific shows that Hootsuite which has conducted its own studies, confirms the above mentioned timings. Whereas SEO experts that come from Kissmetrics believe that their posts receive the most engagement on Saturday. And so, they suggest that Saturday is the best time to post on Facebook. The hour they selected was 12 p.m. as well. Moving forward, if we look at Quick Sprout who use Facebook to make their posts as well, they suggest a story that is slightly different. According to Quick Sprout, you should post between 1 p.m. on a Thursday. If you wish to post on a Friday, you should do so in between nine a.m. and three p.m. to engage more people safely.

TackMaven agrees that Thursday eight p.m. is the best time to post on Facebook from anywhere in the world. They also suggest that the best time to post on Facebook really is associated with your industry. Other than that, Linchpin which is another successful digital marketing sharp believes that there is no specific set time. It really just depends on time zones and so some better statistics should be conducted that takes into account the various time zones and finds out the best time to post on Facebook according to various regions. Then, that will be more of a generalizable approach.

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Out of all this fuss then, we conclude that Thursday 1 p.m. time would suit most people from around the globe. You should also stop depending on a single post and make multiple Facebook posts to appear more active. Who knows? Maybe there is no best time to post on Facebook? Because you might be posting on the right time but your reception also includes various other factors that you need to take care of. Successful posts require much more than just correct time. So, if you have a time figured out, you need to move on and figure out the other factors as well. And only then you will truly be able to post something successful!

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