Did You Know That You Can View Private Facebook Profiles?

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The various applications that we access include all our data. Believe it or not, anything that you upload or any message you send out can be held against you if it calls under the hands of someone who might use this data to cause you potential harm. And so, these applications come with upgraded security system that allows users to ensure themselves regarding their privacy. One of such applications is Facebook itself. Over the years, Facebook allows its users to block anyone from viewing anything from your profile that you wish they should not. With blocking, Facebook also allows you to enable two-factor log in, setup security questions, make a restricted viewers list and if you do not want public to view your activity, you can set your profile to a private profile. Your content will then only be shared with the people that you are already friends with. While this keeps the hackers and the spammers away, this can even get personal. What If you are someone who was once friends with the profile you wish to view but now you both have fallen into a dark hole and it has effected your relationship with each other. After months, you wish to see what they have been up to. However, when you search for their profile, you notice that it is private and you cannot view anything. Well, we can help you with that. All you have to do is follow our how to view private Facebook profiles guide!


The first technique will make you play the long game, however! You should know that there is no hacker’s guide that we will provide you with to bypass someone’s private Facebook profile. But, you can view private Facebook profiles without crossing any technical bridges. If you must notice, the weakest link in internet security defense is mainly us; humans. The same applies to when you have to deal with online security based protocols and when you wish to view private Facebook profiles! Now there are a few steps you can take to build up deception for your targeted profile. Still, you should know that any one of these techniques do not include any level of honesty, sadly. So if you wish to view someone’s profile and they refuse to give you any way to access their activities; you can employee one of the two ways we are about the reveal. Now the first way will include becoming a fake friend to them in order to view private Facebook profiles. Secondly, you can play the game with three and ask a mutual friend to gain their trust and help yourself in gaining access to that person’s profile! Before proceeding then, you should know that both these techniques will require patience and with that they will require time. While you are about to indulge in some morally questionable activity, we have all been there and their just might be a million genuine reasons behind your wish to view private Facebook profiles!

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How to view private Facebook profiles: Become a fake friend!

Oh do not shy away, this might be something that you have already done or you might have thought of doing. But if you are confused regarding how to go about it, do not worry because we have you covered. Say, you have a friend in university and the both of you got along well in the beginning. However, soon you discover that they are emotionally disturbing and can only care about themselves. This destructive behavior put you off and you began distancing yourself from them. You have no come to a point where you simply are unable to understand them being around you. From time to time then, you might wish to take a little peak at their Facebook profile to see how they are doing in their life. You do not mean to mend your friendship but you simply mean to peak but that intention is hindered when you find out their Facebook profile is private. Now under this method you will first pick out your target. The first thing you need to do is create a fake profile that includes an idea of someone both of you knew together. At the same time you need to make sure that you are not duplicating any Facebook profile that already exists. If you do know someone who does not have a Facebook account, that will be perfect for this task. Because this way, you will lower your chances of being discovered and make a perfect scammer’s account. Now when you are creating a fake profile, you must add some pictures that might take your friend down the memory lane but these pictures should not include you in them. Be patient and do not send them a request right away because you need to give some time to your timeline and make some posts that are similar to the fake person that you are using. It should then take you a week’s time minimum to build a profile.

After building your profile you should then start sending friend requests to all the people who might have gone the same place as you and your friend. Make sure these friend requests go out to legitimate and relevant people and you should have about 200 people added in your account. All along, you have the risk of being found out by the person you have been trying to impersonate. So, keep your IP address secure and use a VPN whenever you log in to your fake profile. With that, do not leave behind anything that will relate you with your personal account.

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Okay then, now that you are set you need to find the subject on Facebook. Before that, you need to go through the friends list of the people you have befriended and send more friend requests. These new requests will go to people they know. This way you will be helping yourself build a strong profile. Simultaneously, you should keep on updating more fake posts and like pages. Not everyone you send a request to will accept your fake call. Say, out of 200 about 150 might accept your friend request. That is still acceptable!

Alright then, you are ready for your strike now. You have a good amount of friends, most of which are mutual friends on Facebook (You and your target) and you have a good number of posts (pictures, shared posts, videos and statuses). Now, if you really wish to strike harder and be sure that you will trap them you can repeat the previous cycle thrice more. However, if you choose to strike already you can finally send a friend request to your target. You need to be patient here again. You cannot bombard them with personal messages and blackmail them into accepting your friend request. You must simply wait. While you wait patiently, you can repeat the cycle over and over again and build a strong profile. This will just strengthen your persona.

Soon, you will get a reply from your target and they will probably accept your request. Now, you have achieved success. You can access their profile without being caught. Once you are finished preying on them do not forget to delete your traces and your fake profile. If you wish to keep it for long, you must deactivate it from time to time and only choose to reactivate it when you need to view their profile.

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How to view private Facebook profiles: Use the Trusted Contacts Hack!

Well if you do not wish to use the first method because it includes more work than you can afford, you can go with technique number two. Although this will require for you to be more coy and sharp. If faking a profile did not help you, you need to find a friend who has a Facebook profile that you can duplicate. This Facebook friend should be mutual between you and the target. Now, you need to begin making a profile that is a ditto copy of your “goat”. From profile picture to all the recent shares and posts- begin copying them. Send out requests to same people as well. And when you are ready, you can strike. But do not forget to deactivate and keep your talent a secret!

Now one of the ways you can view private Facebook profiles includes very less dishonesty and excludes faking anything. It only requires two things: A trusted mutual friend and lots of screen shots. If you do not want to waste your time coming up with stalker’s ability to spam their targets, you can begin talking to another one of your friends. If you are close to them, this technique will work the best and your identity should not be revealed. Just ask them to send you screenshots of the private profile from time to time and you can keep an eye on them indirectly then.

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Well, we hope our guide to dishonestly has helped you access private Facebook profile. Just know that there is no judgement here. But you are to simply view and leave. Do not use your access against the other person and remember to be humane. Good luck then!

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