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In this world that is entirely driven by technology, the mobile device is changing the way people connect with each other. One cannot help but admit that instant messaging has transformed the way of communication which has taken a new form with the multiple uses of acronyms.

Most of our communications that are influenced by instant messaging, one does not get amazed when they receive several unique and creative acronyms in their text messages. Sometimes, these acronyms are so complicated to understand and leave you in a complete state of confusion.

Once in a while, you must have come across the specific acronym that you either have to look for a dictionary to check its meaning and origin if it is an actual word or search for it on Google to see what this acronym refers to.

There is no need to feel ashamed because even the social media buffs and highly educated people have been in at least this kind of situation. One such acronym that is extremely creative yet rarely used in the instant messages is DFTBA.

DFTBA is amongst those acronyms that are consisted of too many letters making it hard for people to guess its abbreviation. Apart from that, it is catchphrase that is not used frequently as compared to the other popular ones such as YOLO and FTW.

If you ever get a text message or a comment on your social media post saying DFTBA making you extremely confused to take even a wild guess at it, then you have ended up in the right place. This article has everything that you need to know about DFTBA from its meaning to its origin and usage.

What is DFTBA?

The acronym DFTBA stands for ‘Don’t Forget To Be Awesome’, which is quite simple and straightforward once you get familiar with its meaning and proper usage. The acronym DFTBA is used to remind people to step up their awesomeness.

You must have seen people using the hashtag saying DFTBA on their various social media platforms or sharing posts with ‘Don’t forget to be awesome’ written on it. This catchphrase basically puts emphasis on being awesome even at times when the life gets rough or sadness hits you. It is a short yet effective phrase to use when do not have an emotional speech to boost anyone’s self-esteem. By simply saying DFTBA, one can help a poor soul out or make someone’s day.

How can you use the acronym DFTBA?

This acronym is commonly used as a strong reminder to do whatever makes you happy. It encourages you to do your thing whether you have an exam due tomorrow, you are planning to go on your first ever date, or getting a new job offer, DFTBA is all you need to hear.

It is not used within sentences to save up some space or write something out fast, it is rather used at the end of the message, post or comment as a good way to close a conversation or give closure to any talk that is happening between two people.

Some Common Examples of the usage of DFTBA

Let us give you a few examples in terms of conversations and sentences in which the acronym DFTBA might be used. This can give you a better overview of how to use it in the future. These examples are as follows:

Example 1

“Stay cool and DFTBA.”

Example 2

“There is a reason behind every happening in our day to day lives so please DFTBA.”

Example 3

“Wishing you a great weekend mate and also DFTBA.”

Who popularized the acronym DFTBA?

The Vlogbrothers, Hank Green and John Green were behind popularizing the acronym DFTBA. This acronym or catchphrase was typically used to serve as the purpose for their fanbase of “Nerdfighters,” known as “Nerdfighteria”.

Hank Green is the co-founder of a record label which he named it as ‘DFTBA Records’ in 2018. The record labels were basically used as a distribution network for leading YouTube artists and legends who wanted to build their fanbase by reaching more audience.

Since its initiation, the record label has become a large merchandise company for YouTube artists and brands who wants to sell their own mugs, posters, wristbands, calendars, clothes and many more. They have assisted the considerable strength of YouTubers to find the niche of their work and be able to do it on a full-time basis.

Who is the owner of DFTBA?

Even though Hack Green and John Green were the driving force behind popularizing the acronym DFTBA all over the YouTube community and other various social media channels, it is still unclear who were the masterminds behind inventing this catchphrase.

John Green once uploaded a video on his channel ‘The Vlogbrothers’ in 2018 that has the answer to the question of ownership for the acronym DFTBA. He told people in the video about various other companies that are not associated with the Vlogbrothers.

Although both of the brother, Hank Green and John Green, are not happy about the other several companies using the acronym DFTBA as their own, they have decided not to own the acronym as it would mean that they could not stop specific companies from using it.

By trademarking DFTBA, the Nerdfighteria fanbase members would not be able to compose pieces of art inspired by DFTBA that can be sold on Etsy and other various e-commerce platforms.

The brother wanted to support them and hence they did not take ownership of the acronym/catchphrase DFTBA. Consequently, there is no one who owns DFTBA, however, it is still closely related to the Vlogbrothetrs and the Nerdfighteria fanbase.

Hopefully, this article helped you in finding the meaning and origin of the acronym DFTBA along with the examples of its proper usage. Next time, you want to remind yourself or your friends to stay awesome even when they are nervous and confused or going through the rough patch of their lives, then simply say ‘Don’t forget to be awesome’ to cheer up the mood and make someone’s day.

Written by Hina Akram

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