How to Set up Guest Wi-Fi?

Visiting malls, offices and public spaces people expect internet access hence it is important to set up a guest Wi-Fi which is in fact becoming quiet common these days.

To let you have a better insight of Guest Wi-Fi, read the article below because it has everything you need to know about it.

Advantages of set up Guest Wi-Fi

Guest networking provides a way to use some else internet with limited permission and sometimes for limited time. They are mostly used in malls, offices, public spaces but nowadays are also common in homes. Guest network is defined as a local network controlled by same installed router.


Guest networks are new way to improve your network security because it gives limited access, you can give network access to anyone without sharing your password. Set up guest Wi-Fi keeps network protected from network worms.

A guest network helps in providing different ways to the users so they can easily access any network within no time. This includes almost zero time in setting up. Although it only depends on how the network will be configured. With the help of guest Wi-Fi set up the users can get different benefits if it. For example, the user will be able to quickly and easily access the internet first as well as local resources. This means all the devices that use Wi-Fi for example, your files and printers, etc. will be easily accessed by the users.

But why is this necessary and what does it actually do?

Well, if we talk about the owner of the Wi-Fi or the person who is looking after it which is known as the admin and his point of view we will be able to see how guest network plays important role all over. This also shows how the network automatically broadens the reach of the network that you’re using. This is beneficial to both the admin as well as the visitors that will use it. But what makes it different? Guest Wi-Fi networks stands out among all in a way that it does not really ask for your main networks password.

The another benefit that this network provides is security. Confidentiality and privacy is something that should always be anyone’s first priority. Similarly, why should you compromise it even for a guest Wi-Fi network? For this reason, the guest Wi-Fi network improves security by providing various security measures to people. The guest network allows a person or owner to make his or her network limited. In this case, the owner will be able to make a boundary or create a limit of what the other guests can access. In such a situation the owner can limit the people to internet only and will not allow them to use the local resources.


Is the router capable of Supporting Guest Networking?

Not all the routers support guest networking, mostly business routers allow the guest networking. Sometimes you must check the manufacturer’s Web site and documentation to know whether yours does. Some router only allows one guest at a time and some routers allow multiple guests at the same network however you must ask the person before connecting. If it exceeds the limit the network would not work. When a guest network is active it uses different IP address to increase the security.

Since all of us know that business class router types are the ones that are known to be the most prominent or highlighted supporters when it comes to guest networks although when talking about home routers we know that there are a few that have multiple guest networking capabilities. In this situation, a person will be able to have a detailed check on the website of the manufacturer. They can also dig in router’s settings in order to see if their network provides the option of guest network or not.

Although all the routers will name it saying as Guest network but there might be an exceptional case where it is named as something else which you need to know about.

There are three types of names that play an alternate role of guest network.

  • When talking about Google Wi-Fi, you should know that they call or name this feature as “Guest Wi-Fi “.
  • However, if you are a D link router user you will know that they name it as “Guest Zone”.
  • The last but not the least, talking about Linksys we know that they have a “Guest Access” tool which can be found through their remote management interface.

So if you are stuck in this particular situation where you are new to this and have no idea of what alternate names there are, look for these because it will help.

guestwifiaccess1 (1).png

Steps to Set up Guest Wi-Fi

Following are the steps to set up guest Wi-Fi.

  • Firstly log in to the administrator’s interface and activate the guest network feature.
  • Setup a name for it. Some routers allow setup with the same name and some don’t. Always check the manuals. Turn SSID broadcast on or off.
  • Check the Wi-Fi security settings and make sure password is strong enough to remember but not easy for other person to log in.
  • Check all the security options and enable the option you think is beneficial for your network. Setup guest Wi-Fi always improves security.
  • You can set the maximum number of guest allowed. Set this limit to a low number if you worried about more people logging in.

How to use a Guest Network?

Home network works similar as connection to public and office Wi-Fi hot spot. Always setup a name and password in order to improve its security. The main reason f failure of guest network is entering wrong password again and again.

First ask and then try to join another person network. If you want to used it for a longer time and requires some extra GBs, tell the owner of the internet in advance because sometimes there is time limit set on has router or has some restriction on it

Written by Hina Akram

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