Hulu Error 5003- The Do’s and Don’ts!

Hulu Service is only enjoyable if one gets consistency on it in terms of a smooth service but when errors such as Hulu Error 5003 appears on the screen with a horrific message of “Playback Failure” the only thing that is left to do is find a place to bang your head on. However you as our avid user do not need to hurt your head because we are bringing you a comprehensive set of solutions and fixes that can get rid of the Hulu 5003 error for you.

This article will basically cover the main reasons as to why the Hulu Error 5003 occurs and then we will give you a few fixes that you can apply to curb the issue at hand.

playback failure

  1. Why is the cause for Hulu Error 5003? When the app for Hulu is activated, you will be able to stream contents seamlessly. As you are streaming your favorite TV show or movie you may come across the dreaded Hulu error 5003. This error will put the streaming to a halt and will get you to see the advertisement for Hulu Plus app. Your screen will display a message which will hint you to check your connection on the Hulu Plus device.
  2. Use “Hulu Activate”! You must keep an eye on the number of times the Hulu Error 5003 appears on your screen. Then you must uninstall the Hulu App and re-install it again and then tap on the button ‘Hulu activate’. You can use this quick solution for the issue at hand however if the Hulu Error 5003 still shows up then keep reading further.
  3. The Hulu Activation Code! You may also see the Hulu Error 5003 when you pause your TV show or movie in the middle and then attempt at playing the paused video again. If you keep sending requests to the server this will not begin streaming your video again and you will be disappointed or annoyed more appropriately.
  4. The Hulu Com Activate! Many users in the forum of complaints have posted that they see the Hulu Error 5003 when any commercial ad appears on the TV. However if you have completed the activation of the basic package of activate, then you may see the commercial ads when streaming content through Hulu but this will only spoil the fun. You cannot block the advertisements for forever even by configuring the settings in the Hulu manage devices.
  5. The Hulu Com Sign In! Go on reading the fixes below to get rid of the Hulu Error 5003. When you have finished trying these troubleshooting techniques you will be lucky enough to never see the error again. However if the issue still comes up then visit the sign in page and view the possible reasons for this issue.
  6. The Hulu Account! The first step in fixing the Hulu Error 5003 involves switching off your TV and the network devices then give it time for 60 seconds and switch them again. Now visit the Hulu account page and sign in to your Hulu account. Try streaming something to see if the problem is resolved.
  7. The PlayStation! If the above trick works fir you then of course you have your happy days back however even if this doesn’t work then you need to read the further troubleshooting steps. The steps would apply to both Playstation4 and playstation3 but we will focus on Apple TV.
  8. Get rid of the Hulu Error 5003 on Apple TV! First thing you must do is see that the network is operating fine. Then turn off the router and the Apple TV device. You must update your software before you stream any content because if the software is not updated then the error message will pop up. So update the software and stop the Hulu App to fix it.
  9. Your Wi-Fi Network! If you have connected a universal Wi-Fi network on more than one device around then this will put some burden on the network streaming speed so you may want to check that as well. You can try turning off the Apple TV and then turn it on again after a few minutes to see if the problem still persists or not.


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