How to fix the Common Samsung Camera Error Messages?   

When one sees any kind of error message on the screen of your Samsung Camera device, it is not unusual to panic or get worried however you must take some comfort in the fact that this error message at least gives some clue as to what the issue is with the device. This article intends to discuss some of the most Common Samsung Camera Error Messages and the tips that you can adopt to get rid of these messages.

1.     Card Error or Card Locked Error Message

This is the most common error out of all the other Common Samsung Camera Error Messages which indicates towards a potential issue with your inserted memory card instead of the Samsung camera device itself.

You need to look at the switch for the write protect present on the memory card and make sure the switch is pushed towards the top side for it to be unlocked. If you still see the error message even after unlocking the write protect switch then it is possible that your memory card is faulty or corrupt. You can attempt inserting the memory card in any other device to check if it is being read there. You can also try switching the camera off and on to remove the error message.

2.     Check the Lens Error Message​

This is that error in the list of Common Samsung Camera Error Messages which appears on Samsung DSLR cameras in case there is any dust particles present on the metal contacts or the lens. All you have to do is clean the lens and then reconnect the lens back to its housing.

3.     DCF Full Error Message

The DCF error message is another error in the Common Samsung Camera Error Messages list and appears when you have inserted a memory card which was formatted when it was used on any other device and hence its file is not longer compatible with the Samsung device. You will need to complete the formatting of your card while it is inside the Samsung camera.

4.     Error 00 Error Message

This is that error message which requires you to remove your lens and then reconnect it back to its place however if your lens is not correctly reconnected then this error message will appear.

5.     Error 01 or Error 02 Error Message

These are those Common Samsung Camera Error Messages which indicates an issue with your camera’s battery. Simply take out your battery and see to it that all metal connects are free of any debris and the battery housing doesn’t have any dirt and then put the battery back in correct dimensions.

6.     File Error Message

If you are trying to access the pictures which are saved on your memory card then it is possible that this error message will appear which occurs because of issues with any image present in the memory card. It is possible that the file you are trying to open is faulty or has gone corrupt. Transfer this file on your PC and then try opening it to see if it works. If the file doesn’t open then it is definitely corrupt and requires formatting on the camera.

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