The Best PS4 Horror Games [2022]

Do you love gaming? There are different genres in games too. There are people who are thrill seekers. Just like horror movies there are horror games!

Being able to watch horror movies and play horror games is to something that everybody can do. People who have the thrill of horror movies and horror games are said to be brave.

There are people who do not play games of this genre, while others love these for the purpose of thrill seeking.

If you are a lover of Horror games and are a thrill seeker than you have come across the right article. In this article I have picked the best horror games that will best suit your mood and style. PS4 has the best collection of horror games that a thrill seeker will love.

The Top Picks for the Best PS4 Horror Games ever made!

What are you waiting for? Go out and channelize the hyper gamer residing inside you by investing in the best PS4 Horror Games of all times so that you can at least add to your gaming resume that you are a pro at horror games as well.

Below I have listed the best of the horror games that are present for PS4. These games will channel the hyper and the brave gamer inside of you and will surely satisfy the thrill seek that is inside of you.

5. Dead by Daylight

One of the most famous and all-time best Horror game that is available for PS4 is Dead by Daylight. Dead by daylight is a much talked about video game that is packed will action and thrill. This is the best horror game for PS4 players that intend to play in groups. This basically is a multiplayer game. In this game four people play the game where three of them are survivors against the one who is a killer.

The game Dead by Daylight basically revolves around that the survivors have to escape from the killer ad have to survive. The survivors have to run away from the killer.

They have to survive by opening different doors, sneaking and performing brave tasks. The players have unique skills that they can use to survive the horror landscape and survive.

4. Best Sci-Fi: Prey

Prey is basically a Science Fiction. In this sci-fi, you will have to face ad fight aliens this game is made on the landscape of space as the player orbit around the earth and the moon.

The players are researching a hostile alien facility in the outer space. Suddenly everything goes wrong and the aliens escape. This game prey is a first person perspective game. The person shoots this game as a first person.

Prey will make you be cautious as you travel through the open space ad will have to solve solutions and puzzles. The player will have to collect gadgets and blueprints around the space station I order to survive.

3. Best Choose-Your-Own Adventure Until Dawn

This horror game of PS4 gives you the feeling of unpredictable future. How on tiny thing can lead to an extremely tensed ad horrible situations somewhere in the world.

This horror game is packed with action and revolves around a story of a group of teenagers that are out on a vacation to a snowy area. They are living in a small cottage in between the mountains when they are attacked by a crazy man.

The game revolves around finding clues, making decisions that can have serious consequences.

2. The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 is one of the most played and liked game that has a horror Genre on PS4. This game is every gamer’s favorite and a part of their game collection.

This is one of the best third person games that is there in the market. In this game the player has to survive. This game has scary visuals along with it being packed with action and horror.

In this game, the player has to fight evil monsters, go and clear difficult scary routes to find their lost daughter.

If you like Resident Evil 4 and want something similar then I am sure that you will love this game. Then you’re going to absolutely love this game. The game evil Within 2 makes use of an RPG-style system that helps in leveling. I this the player can improve and upgrade the abilities that are there with the users such as running, health, stamina etc.

These abilities if increased ad upgraded will be beneficial for the user at the time of battle. The upgraded abilities will allow the user to fight better. The health of the user will decrease less if it’s upgraded. The user will able to fight the monsters better and run faster with the help of these upgrades.

1.      Night Trap

Night trap is the most different game on the list of horror games that I have here for you. This game was originally released o CD and was first available in 1992. This became a top hit on the horror games list. At start it was originally marketed and devised to the user as an interactive game that engages the user. This was marketed and created as a full motion video. This game presented the game along with a scary ad a convincing story of what is actually happening I the game.

In this game the players are told what to do by the police squad in the game. In this game, the house is fixed by cameras and through the help of the footage from the cameras that are present in 8 locations of the house, the players are to trap the burglars by setting up traps.

Written by Hina Akram

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