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Snapchat is a growing application and according to us, it has turned into one of the best applications and the most frequently applications of today. Snapchat allows users to send image files and videos to others with an added perk; these files, once they are opened by the other individual will get removed immediately. That means that this image messaging app lets users to be goofy, silly, whimsical and crazy without facing any consequences. Now what could be one of the ways you can use this feature for? If you guessed sexting, we have to give it up to you! Many individuals believe that since none of their messages and files get stored, they do not have to face any problems regarding it. But, is it really safe to send nudes on Snapchat? If you have not had guessed by now, this article is going to be a little R rated, but with it is definitely going to be informative! So read ahead and find out whether it is really safe to send nudes on Snapchat.

First of all, let’s set the image of Snapchat right. Snapchat is not just limited to sexting (R rated texting, Ya’ll!). There is so much more you can do with this social network because it allows users to post images online that has somewhat of a finite life time. They self-destruct in between one to ten seconds which really just depends on how you set the time. But did you know that this is not necessarily the truth?

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Snapchat is usually used for general level of socializing, and so it is an amazing network to share chunks of your life with others you know. You have the ability to take snaps and then add captions on them, you can also add emojis and in the snaps you can express yourself whichever way you think seems to fit you. If you notice, most celebrities and stars as well as fashion icons on Snapchat that we love to watch and take a sneak peek into their life can be easily found on Snapchat as well. This is how Snapchat allows the world to revolve around us. More precisely, this is how Snapchat allows us to revolve around the world too! But the flip side of funny old Snapchat is sexting. Now if you do not know this, statistics (and common knowledge!) tells us that originally teens used to use applications for sexting with other people they preferred. However, with today’s day and age it is individuals belonging to all age groups who use Snapchat for sexting thinking it is safe to send nudes on Snapchat. Now in theory and according to official statements by Snapchat, you would think that the sexting that you may take part in will disappear in mere ten seconds and no one will be able to see it again but is that how it really is?

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If you open your browser right now and begin searching for keywords like how to “Save Snapchat pictures” or words similar to these, you will find out tons of websites and forums out there which will these you how to keep the snaps that are sent to you. Some of these websites will even take this up a notch and they will show you how to save snaps that are sent to you without enabling Snapchat to send a notification to the sender that you have taken a screenshot of the snap that you received. Because initially, Snapchat has a feature that alerts you when someone takes a screenshot of what you send them or what you upload in your stories to show you about that activity. But, are the bells ringing now? When the application is open are you are taking a screenshot, the information will be sent to the sender, now that is something that might make you feel that it is safe to send nudes on Snapchat. But you should be aware that this activity does not make the snap go away anywhere or it does not stop the other person from saving your snaps. You might stop sending nudes after you get a notification but that will be too late, because the damage will be done soon. We can even teach you how to take a screen shot of the snap that has been sent to you. It involves turning your phone into an Airplane mode and this will block Snapchat from sending out a notification to the other person that you have taken a screen shot. And that is it. That’s how people take screen shots while you remain in the shadow. People can even take pictures of the snap you send them from another device while viewing it. They can even use an Android or iOS emulator that allows them to use Snapchat on their personal computer, for example, Bluestacks. And so, they can take screenshots while viewing your snaps on their PC. By now, what you need to understand is that there is always a way to breech the confidentiality that has been promised to you. So, what can be some of the things that go against the belief that it is safe to send nudes on Snapchat?

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Is it safe to send nudes on Snapchat? Consider Outing:

When we say outing, we do not mean your usual hangouts with your friends and your family. We mean Outing on the internet. If you are new to sexting, outing is a term that means something related to you or someone else that was sent in confidentiality is released on the internet without your consent; the original owner. And so when you sext with others, your naked images can be outed on the internet. The outer will keep the images in his or her phone and when the time comes, they will release it. There have been numerous fake accounts on Facebook, Instagram and other social media where pictures of females, especially,  have been leaked or outed and this then harms them emotionally and socially as well.

Is it safe to send nudes on Snapchat? Think about Blackmailing:

There are other times when an outer will threaten to use your nude pictures to blackmail you. This will mainly consist of a demand that will require fulfillment and failing to do so will result in outing for you. Many times the blackmailer will ask you to send more nude pictures of yourself so they cant trap you and play on your vulnerability.

Think about Blackmailing

Is it safe to send nudes on Snapchat? Once uploaded on Internet things last forever!

Now the idea that the images you post or share online are only temporary can be challenged very easily. You might even think that a social network platform will come and go and so if you have experienced the side effects of outing, it will go away too. While that thought might keep you sane, it is technically not so true but also true to some extent. You should know that these images on the internet are archived the whole websites and the activities on them are recorded. This way it is very easy to find old images and it is also easy to identify the identities of those in the pictures as well. They are mainly copied from one website and on to another website. Because on the internet, nothing is actually deleted. There have been numerous websites on the internet that allow your ex partners to share compromising pictures of you to take revenge, for example. These webpages get blocked from time to time but things always stay and come back.

Once your image is shared and outed, it is going to stay out there. If it will be deleted from one platform, it is going to remain on another one. Images will also get saved in mobile phones and then they will be shared offline too.

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The thing is, sexting is fun and it might make you feel empowered in a way. But, there are negative effects that come with sexting on Snapchat or any other platform for that matter. The thing is, it is not your intention that is at fault here. It is people. And people you know or you think you know can be dishonest and not as loyal as they promise. Then, you will end up losing control of yourself and your life. The society will do everything in its own way but when someone notices you doing something, they will get a chance to pick on you or outcast you. In many areas and regions, you might just represent an immoral personality. It is always better to think twice and never lose control of yourself. If someone blackmails you and the consequences have already taken place, we would advice not to give in. Because even if you thought is was safe to send nudes on Snapchat, it was not. But, that does not mean that you lose your empowered self to the other person. However, you should always think again before considering sexting. If you are still going to indulge in it, you should at least know that it can back fire.

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Happy sexting then!

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