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There are certain tools which are solely designed for troubleshooting however when it comes to LAN Monitoring Tools, it is essential that users are aware on the kind of problems that can potentially arise. There are multiple software suites out in the market used to keep tabs on your Local Area Network in two ways; through devices attached and on the traffic that is traversing it! It can be a savior when any issues arise spontaneously and you need to locate the cause of the problem instantly.

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On a larger spectrum, LAN Monitoring Tools are amazing for keeping tabs on all the physical hardware devices in connection with the LAN, the servers relaying on it and the routing equipment that makes it operate. So in such a complicated amalgamation of connections if one can predict when server will drop can prove to be a blessing in disguise. The users who are most at ease are those who can work all day along without any restrictions because they have the best LAN Monitoring Tools protecting their systems.

On a small scale, the LAN Monitoring Tools also allows you to keep tabs on the data transmitted over a network through the traffic. Keeping a regular check on network traffic and ensuring that it is being directed to right places is necessary to keep a network healthy and secure! Hence folks if you want to be a happy user keep reading below to find some of the best LAN Monitoring Tools that you can connect to.

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Top LAN Monitor Tools to choose from

1.     SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

The Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor needs no formal introduction because saying that it is the best LAN Monitoring Tool would be an understatement. It comprises of a wide range of monitoring tools with a prompt notification system essentially indicating that you don’t have to waste time monitoring your network manually and can rely on a software suite instead to do the job for you. You can even personalize your alerts and streamline them according to your thresholds.

LAN Monitoring Tool

This LAN Monitoring Tool is based on the concept to assist you in predicting and putting safety measures in advance in network downtime. It further has the capability to monitoring the real traffic of your network but keeps its focus solely on the network up-time and the overall device management. The package also comes in with handy tools to keep eye on the wireless networks and the tools which can scan network packets for crucial issues in applications which saves users tons of time and trouble.

Compatible With: Windows starting from XP and later versions
Price: Free Trial Period of 30 days
Download link:

2.     PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG is that LAN Monitoring Tool which is equipped for larger networks and can direct to multiple locations and even countries. It has a core monitoring revolving around getting rid of network downtime in fact its total prevention well before time but also has significant tools which let you comb the network traffic for protocols and people. Just like SolarWinds’ Package, PRTG employs more of a preventative approach than a troubleshooting one.

sensor packet sniffer

Compatible With: Mostly Windows and recommended with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
Price: A FREE TRIAL Package for 100 Sensors and then the number of sensors are subsequently charged for a basic $1,600 license of 12 months.
Download link:

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3.     Nagios

Nagios is an angel sent for saving the network when we talk about the open source LAN Monitoring Tools and its biggest drawback is in fact a blessing in disguise which gives it an immense magnitude of power.  The drawback however is that it can be complicated to configure in the beginning but it will put a great deal of power in terms of its software abilities.


If you are considering using this open source software then it is wise to begin with the Nagios Core, which is the most raw form of their monitoring engine and will help you get it operating and from there on you can just keep adding multiple plug ins for particular requirements. You can also completely personalize the visual dashboard of Nagios so that it displays what is important to your network and can then increase the overall functionality of the main software.

Compatible with: Many operating system and is universal in general but has multiple web-based interfaces
Price: It is open source and is FREE of Cost!
Details  & Download link:

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