Internet Explorer For Mac: Key Points You Should Know

Microsoft ended the IE version for Mac, so December 31 2005, was when the update release was terminated. One year after, users could use IEfor Mac. Nevertheless, Microsoft directed the users to change to another alternative product such as Safari.Originally, it was planned for IE to be an individual product aside from Windows. Despite this, they failed to do so and united the IE into Windows.

In fact, IE is a target for many complainers. Besides, it remains in the best three browsers. 

The pros of Internet Explorer

  • Users don’t need to download it separately. Since it is already installed as a part of your  Windows, you can access it immediately.
  • The browser is safe and secure when it comes to online payments.
  • Active X technology support that other competitors don’t offer.
  • Users can adequately view some sites only with this browser. 

The cons of Internet Explorer

  • There is no version for Mac users.
  • It doesn’t fully support HTML5.
  • There are no extensions.
  • The interface appears confusing.
  • It is a target for hackers.

Mac OS used IE as a default browser. Back in 2003, with the introduction of Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, IE was replaced by Safari. 

Safari is developed by Apple, using the KHTML library as a source code. Using IE on Mac was possible because it was distributed with the Mac OS X. However, in 2005, when Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger was released, things changed.

The initial information about Safari was released in 2003. Also, they announced the termination of the sixth version of IE for Mac and termination of support by 2005. The Microsoft Mac branch then issued the Messenger in 2005.

This decision shocked many experts in the field. Mac users were surprised as well. Some experts expected this type of change because the development ended with the fifth version. This was the crucial time when Microsoft had to decide whether to focus on growth or cancel the support.

The IE version for Mac couldn’t compete with the Safari browser. It was way more inferior, so the giant had to invest in continuous development to get it closer to its rival. However, the process was estimated to take a lot of time and money. The preferences of the users also took a significant part in making the final determination. Besides, the resignation of this market section is still unclear. 

More about IE for Mac

As we already explained, Microsoft terminated the IE for Mac version because it needed improvement to beat the competition. Besides, the former version is still accessible. Its name is IE 5 for Mac. The development stopped here, so no updated versions were introduced on the market.

However, there are a few diverse ideas on how to use IE for Mac. While you will find them complicated and time-consuming, there are some moments when you will need it. For example, web developers need to test their products and make sure they work with various browsers. While they can easily do this with other browsers, IE is still the one that brings the hassles. Since IE was designed to work with Windows, developers working with Mac OS will encounter problems when trying to test their software. 

How to access IE for Mac

If you want to access IE from your Mac, you will find out that you can’t do this directly. IE only runs for Windows, so there are obstacles when it comes to using on other platforms. For resolving the issue, some will use different computers and switch between them. However, users can skip the hassle and find more convenient ways to download internet explorer for mac

When you want to access a site like an IE user, all you need to do is change the user agent. Safari has an option for you to change the user agent and let the sites and apps know that you use IE. 

Your browser sends a user agent string to the site, and it identifies which browser you use. By altering your user agent in the Safari settings, you can send the desired user agent string so that sites will identify you as an IE user.

While this feature can be very useful, keep in mind that there are certain downsides. You can only change the request that the user agent sends to the site. However, its possibilities are somehow limited. Doing this alteration won’t let you use the functionalities of other web browsers. If a website requires a certain functionality only available for IE, it won’t show correctly. 

Written by Casim Khalid

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