A Thorough Review Of The Roccat Vulcan II Mini

Lately, Roccat’s been popular for launching some visually attractive keyboards that have caught the attention of many gamers. With its recent release of the Roccat Vulcan II Mini, this gaming gadget happens to join the TKL Pro and other company line-ups in releasing compact keyboards that are taking the market by storm. 

In this article, we’ll conduct a thorough review of the Vulcan II Mini to see if it matches the manufacturer’s trend of releasing amazingly crafted keyboards that keep players as entertained as bettors who continue to wager on some of the best sports betting sites online. 

A Review

From our experience, we found the Roccat Vulcan II Mini to be a pretty great keyboard. It’s packed with features and offers a fantastic layout, despite its size. In addition to everything else that it offers, It’s also visually appealing with some awesome RGB. 

Game modes and Easy-Shift features are a massive bonus on our end, but there’s also a lot to commend in light of its general typing and overall gaming experience. 

If you’re a gamer looking for a small form factor gaming gadget that has a lot to offer its users, then you might as well consider the Roccat Vulcan II Mini. Many may believe that it’s close to being the perfect gaming gadget; however, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find some gamers who might complain about the volume of their typing experience. 

When it comes to summing up the gadget’s advantages, gamers can delight in knowing that it offers a compact form factor with a logical layout in addition to having all the extra keys in the right places. Not only does it have attractive RGB lighting, but it also affords users a comfortable typing experience that no one can deny. 

On the other hand, when we look at some of the disadvantages we notice about the gadget, the only thing we could fault was the loud noise the keyboard makes each time you use it. 

Compact Form Factor With Smarts

From the name itself, we can already tell that the gaming gadget is a compact keyboard that comes offering players a 65% form factor. This means that players will have to make some sacrifices when it comes to specific designs that obviously favor keyboards with smaller designs. However, judging by the way the gadget’s been put together, you can tell that the manufacturer did a lot of thinking so it could ensure that even the smallest detail on the keyboard could make the largest difference. 

It can be challenging to try and get on with a 65% keyboard because it doesn’t offer the delete key, arrow keys, or standard keys that you’d typically find locked away in a function row. This could make the keyboard a slight struggle to work with, even if you find the keyboard to be a pleasure for gaming. 

But the Roccat Vulcan II Mini has taken a different approach in launching a 65% form factor keyboard with a delete key and directional arrows. Thanks to its function key press, players can easily access additional things like media control and print screen. Also, you have the option to switch profiles, adjust RGB lighting, and activate the game mode.

The Design

The Roccat Vulcan II Mini offers a dual-LED key with a switch design that makes it far from quiet. The noise it produces isn’t necessarily horrible, but you will find plenty of click-clack sounds. But if we were to focus our attention on its setup, we can see that the gadget uses optical red switches that are actuated and linear. 

This makes them responsive and fast for gaming, also offering a hassle-free experience when you’re using them during your gaming. 

Because of its dual-LED switches setup, this is set to offer a world-class experience that includes an additional set of LEDs to select keys. It was slightly disappointing to find that only select keys can perform this function, as the keyboard hosts a lot of potential to enhance its lighting entirely if the gadget were to have twice as much of LEDs. However, this doesn’t take away the fact that it still offers an interesting design.

Written by Meghan

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