Ways to Store Your Digital Camera

There is no denying the fact that digital cameras are nothing but the profound invention that has revolutionary potential. As much as digital cameras are useful and essential in the arena of photography, the more they need proper care and attention to store even their minute parts safely.

It is very important to know some of the useful ways to store your digital camera. Any minor mistake can cause serious damage to a digital camera in which you invested a great amount of your savings.

You must be wondering which are the most useful ways to store your digital camera are. You must look into some storage techniques that will make sure every part of your digital camera is properly working.

We know that technology like digital camera moves at quite a fast pace. One day you buy a brand new digital camera, and the other day they are almost outdated. However, there are various ways to increase the lifespan of your digital camera.

In this article, you will find some useful tips to learn about the different ways to store your digital camera safely.

List of Ways to Store your Digital Camera

Consider the following tips that are essential to protect your digital camera:

  1. Remove parts when you are not using your digital camera. It is better to remove the memory card and battery from your digital camera when you are not planning to use it for at least a month or more. Remove all the interchangeable lens and consider using lens caps and guards to protect it fully.
  2. Place it in a sealed plastic bag to protect it against humidity. This will help you in storing your photos in the camera for a longer period. Use bags with a moisture-absorbing drier and store them in a place where it is fully dry.
  3. Turn it on once a month to keep your camera’s electronics fresh. You can also check a user guide to know about any special instructions on how to store your camera when you are not using it or it has been inactive for a while.
  4. Protect it against electronics that generate a magnetic field. To keep your digital camera safe from any in inadvertent damage, avoid long-term exposure to a powerful magnetic field that can be highly harmful to the LCD and other electronic parts of your digital camera.
  5. Avoid placing your camera in extreme heat and temperature fluctuations. If you are planning to place your digital camera somewhere during the period of inactivity, make sure to store it in a place where it is neither too cold that can damage the camera’s LCD nor too hot that can damage the camera case over the course of time.
  6. Avoid direct contact with sunlight that could damage your camera. The direct heat of the sun can readily harm the case of your camera. Hence, store it in a place where you know that there will not be any sunlight intervening while you are away for a month or so.
  7. Use the camera lens cap to avoid touching the lens directly with your fingers. The camera lens is the most sensitive yet significant part as it is the main window to capture the outside world. Therefore, it is necessary to pay some extra attention to its safety.
  8. Do not clean the camera lens with any available cloth. Use the recommended lens cleaning brush, blower and cloth to get the job done. Hence, investing is good equipment for your lens is necessary to avoid scratches and other damages affecting the whole device.
  9. To prevent condensation, keep silica gel that comes along with your newly bought digital camera. Most of the people throw it away without knowing how important a role they play in combating the condensation.
  10. Take extra care of delicate parts of your digital camera such as CompactFlash, MMC or SD card. These tiny components play a huge role despite their sizes. Hence, handling them with care is necessary to avoid breaking them up or replacing them with new ones.

Some Reliable Camera-Storage Options

There are various storage options available to store your digital camera. While you are away on your vacation or taking a short trip, these camera-storage options will take half of the responsibility of camera off your hands.

Some of these options are given below:

  1. The Fanny pack will keep your small camera, batteries and memory cards safe.
  2. The Camera bag is specially designed to house your huge digital cameras.
  3. The Camera backpack is available in all sorts of size to protect your camera and its accessories.
  4. The Chest bag allows you to hold your camera fastened to your chest making it easy to reach.
  5. The Modular belt system shifts the weight on your hips while keeping your camera within easy reach.

4 Natural Predators of the Digital Camera

Watch out for these six natural predators that can cause great damage to your camera:

1. Sunscreen is very harmful to your camera as it is oily. Consider washing your hands properly before you hold your digital camera to avoid making it greasy. Also, avoid placing it in your camera bag as the leakage could damage your camera.

2. Sand is another natural predator that can instantly jeopardize your camera and put it out of action. If you are planning to go on a beach, use sealable bags to protect your camera from direct contact with sand.

3. Dust is the most complicated predator to keep it at bay. It subtly attacks your camera by seeping into its inner components and settling on the image sensor. To avoid this, wipe your digital camera more often and store it in a sealed bag.

4. Salt can cause irreversible corrosion. If you are planning to shoot in salty places, watch out for the possibilities where your camera can come in contact with the salt. Consider wiping it clean every day to combat the salt or avoid shooting or positioning yourself in sea spray on stormy days.

Written by Hina Akram

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