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What to do when YouTube Not Working?

YouTube is a very widely used social media platform. It is used by millions of people worldwide. People use it for different purposes and they have different uses for it. Some use it for getting access to numerous of videos, others use it to follow recipes, and some use it for fun purpose, other for uses such as learning!

YouTube is also very popular with advertisers. Everyday millions of dollars are spent o YouTube advertising. This makes it a very important platform in today’s world. It is also a source of earning for many people out there in the world.

YouTube has a heavy influx of web traffic each day. This is the reason YouTube at times stops working or either slows down. There are times when YouTube videos won’t run smoothly, they won’t buffer and will get stuck in the middle while playing. Why is this? This is certainly because of heavy web traffic that the YouTube has to cope with every day. There are times when the traffic becomes unmanageable!

In this article, I have mentioned certain steps that can be taken to avoid this problem or get to the root cause of it!

Network connection issue

At times we may think something is wrong with the website is not working because the page won’t open and will show error but this does not mean that the issue is always with the website.

If your YouTube website is not opening, the first thing you should check is your internet connection because this is a major reason for website failure. You should make sure that the internet is connected and working!

There are times when the device that the user is operating accidently switches into airplane mode. In airplane mode all the connections are disabled and the internet won’t connect. Make sure that your device is not in airplane mode. If your device is in airplane mode, disable the airplane mode and then try and connecting to the YouTube website.

There are times when the internet is working, all the wires are plugged in the socket but the connection of the internet is “limited”. If this is the issue the websites won’t open and that is surely due to service provider. The issue does not lie with the website.

In this case the user must go to the Wi-Fi device, the user must check if it is working fine. In case it isn’t, the person should restart the router so it might start working. Restarting the router means that the router will take a few minutes before it can start working again.

YouTube is working continuously to make the experience for the user better and working to manage the high influx of web traffic more efficiently. This is why if the YouTube is not working, we should check all other options before thinking there is a problem with the website.

YouTube has usually high resolution of videos, the higher the resolution of the video you want to stream, the higher will the speed of your internet connection if you want to watch the video smoothly. What YouTube recommends to its users as a required speed is a .7 Mbps connection for videos having a resolution of SD 360p, this clearly means that even a really a slow DSL connection would work. YouTube has videos with really high resolution such as HD 1080p resolution that only works on 5 Mbps connection, while the YouTube 4K video needs 20 Mbps speed of internet.

Update your Apps, your browser, your device, or your router

Usually the main reason that the apps won’t work or open is that the device that is being used is working on an outdated software that is compatible with the app. Or the App being used is not updated. Outdated versions of either app or the device won’t allow the latest versions to be run or will eventually stop ruing.

If you have an Android or iOS device, you will be aware of the fact that they need continuous updating so that their device works efficiently and accurately. The updates on these devices are also of their own operating system that are provided the system providers. The other updates are of the apps that these devices have.

The updates of apps such as YouTube can be found on the App store or Google play. These will update the YouTube app to the latest version that is compatible with the latest softwares ad is free of bugs.

In some rare cases, if the app is not working then the operating systems such as Android or iOS update may solve the issue own their own for the convenience of the user. If you update your operating system to the latest version, you will get notified about the apps that need updating too. Similarly, to update an iOS device, click on the Settings app, from there go to General, from there click on Software Update. If there is a new update of the software, you will have it mention do this screen.

Restart the app when YouTube not working

There are different versions of YouTube for the app and the browser. If the app of YouTube isn’t working, you might know the reason can be either the app is outdated, not signed in or the operating system is outdated. Similarly, if YouTube is to working I the browser that might be because of poor internet connection or heavy traffic.

On your Android devices, iPhone and iPad devices, people mostly use the YouTube app.

If someone is using YouTube app, which isn’t working they have a way to check if the problem is with YouTube or their app. This can be checked by them opening the YouTube website I their browser. If the website is working in the browser they should know that the app needs a quick fix.

To do this the user can turn of the device, then power up the device again. Just be sure to wait for the device to complete the start-up process before you try to using the YouTube application of it.

Written by Hina Akram

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