How to do Crowd Photography?

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How would you define crowd photography as? too many people jumping to each other’s throat to fit into the perfect click. Now that is the perfect Crowd photography.

The perfect way to do crowd photography is when the lights and conditions are set in good comprehension. shooting and making sure all angles are set perfect of large crowds can be a little difficult to handle. We agree it can be a challenging business

However, with our easy guide you can certainly whip up your group picture and have better picture quality, making your moments worthwhile! 

Use the Crowd photography

Crowd photography is getting popular these days. You can simply sand out in your crowd, and try to capture the moments one by one drawing an artistic definition to your overall pictorial look. Throw in some slow, toned down features. that way you would be able to filter out backs of dozens of heads. 

Shoot within the crowd

Make sure you are standing on some elevation, so that you stand more prominent. This way you would not be blocking any and no one will be blocking you out. in case you’re outdoors, think about using a small brick wall or an outdoor staircase for shooting your photos, you can be as creative as you can be. Or maybe if you look out for an outdoor cafe which has a second floor of a building, showcasing a balcony view.  

Reduce the Depth of Field for crowd photography

give this tip a definite shot: try shooting at a narrow depth of field. By ensuring there is a large portion of the photo out of focus, you’ll end up having fewer distractions in the background of the image. his can be a problem if there are many people behind you. the subject would stand out with more defined colors and contrast.

Conversely, you can use a wide image lens if you are  trying to focus on something in the background that’s beyond the crowd, such as a building, or some old beautiful architect. to avoid heads as an interrupting object focus, ensure that the background is in very sharp focus. 

Use a Tilting LCD

with an articulated LCD you can always have a better luck and look, shooting photos inside a crowd. while walking you can easily keep you camera in one place by holding it above your head. 

Be mindful of others around you. in your own rush make sure you are not blocking someone else’s view. 

Mute Your Camera

Keep your camera quiet and ready to shoot i a plus point in a crowd. If it makes a lot of noises and has shutter noise as well, it might come off as annoying and inconsiderate while standing with everyone.  Mute your camera’s sounds before using it in a crowd.

Shoot From the Hip

if you want an easy going natural look of your photos then try using the strategy of doing so from hip. what you do is that you hold the camera on waist level and press the button many times. This way you taking photos would not be evident. You will end up with a lot of extra photos which might come in handy later. 

Avoid Stranger Faces

you would not like your pictures to be taken by a totally walking stranger. same way goes for other people walking. taking a picture this way might come off a rude unwelcoming gesture. make sure your subject is in a proper place, so that you do not have to move much making other people come in your shot too! 

Be Considerate of your Camera

At times, manhandling the gadgets can cause damage to them. when in a crowd make sure camera is protected well. While doing so you also have to be mindful of not being jolted by the walking crowd, and not blur your images. 

Maybe if you get these tips right, you can be the next Humans of New York photographer! you never know..

Written by Hina Akram


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