Top 5 Camera Problems — and How to Fix Them

If you have a digital camera and have been using it for quite a long time then you must be aware of the common problems that arise. Whether you have experienced some problems before or you are someone who is a beginner and have not encountered any problem as yet, this article will help you with finding some camera problems and their solutions.

The most common camera problems include battery error, lens error, software, and SD card issues and much more. It certainly can be a very expensive process to fix your digital camera errors but still, it is better than buying a new one.

This article will list down a few camera problems that you can easily fix before you replace it with a new one or send it to the service center. Here are some of the most common camera problems that you might have experienced:

1. Camera Shutter Error

The camera shutter error is one of the most common camera problems. You will get the overexposed picture if the shutter of your camera remained open. On the other hand, you will get black pictures if the shutter does not open at all. To fix this error, follow the steps that are given below:

1. Check if the surface of the lens is clean.
2. In case of dirt, use a lens brush to clean it up.
3. Use the can filled with compressed air to wipe off the dust on the shutter and lens.
4. Disrupt the shutter if any of the above does not work.
5. Adjust shutter speed through manual or priority settings.
6. Reduce its speed to the lowest possible if your camera has manual settings option.
7. If it does not have manual settings option, use scene settings.
8. Choose either sunset or fireworks option to reduce the light.
9. Take out the battery while the camera is taking the photo.
10. If it does not have manual settings option, you will have to do it pretty fast while you take pictures.
11. This can interrupt the shutter and it might get started to release.
12. You can repeat this process multiple times until the problem is fixed.

2. Camera Lens Error

The camera lens error is quite common in digital cameras and it is normally found in those digital cameras that have barrel style lenses. The major reason of this error occurring in your device is the dirt, dust, and sand that crawls inside the lens or if the lens gets dislocated for a while. To fix this problem, try the following tips:

1. Clean the area of the lens and wipe off dust or sands.
2. Use can of compressed air to clean the area of the lens.
3. Use a hair dryer to wipe the dust off where there is no heat risk.
4. Check the lens visually if none of the above tricks work.
5. Check if the lenses are tilted or dislocated to one side.
6. Push the extracted lens gently if it is crooked or tilted.
7. If nothing works, then you must take it to the repair center.

3. Camera Software Issues

The camera software issue is another common problem. With this error, the hardware often works properly but there is some issue in software that needs to be fixed. If you are having a similar problem with your digital camera then try the following useful tips:

1. Download the recent software update for your digital camera.
2. Look for ‘Firmware updates’ for the specific model of your camera and update it.
3. Follow the given instruction on how to update the camera software through internet.
4. If this does not work, then consider restoring your digital camera to factory settings.

4. Camera Battery Error

There are camera users are there who experiences the camera battery issues. This problem can become very troublesome for digital camera users. If you are experiencing it, then consider using the following techniques to fix the battery issue at home:

1. Ensure that the battery is completely charged.
2. Make sure that the battery is fully clean.
3. Use a dry cloth to wipe off any possible dust.
4. Use can of compressed air to clean up the battery area and battery itself.
5. Know that the level of temperature varies in different batteries.
6. If your camera does not turn on, wait for 30 minutes and turn it on in the normal temperature.
7. If it gets switched on, it means that the battery was unable to manage the extreme temperature level.
8. Do not charge NiMh and NiCd batteries that are not fully dead. It could decrease their lifespan.
9. You can charge Li-ion batteries even if they are not fully drained.
10. If the battery life is reduced due to the above reason, then consider replacing it with a new one to switch on your camera.

5. Wet Camera

Mishandling your camera may lead to a problem and it can happen with anyone. There are numerous possibilities such as dropping your camera in river, pool or simply in water that can cause serious damage to your camera. Follow these steps that can help you fix your camera:

1. Let your digital camera completely dry before you switch it on.
2. Open camera compartment such as remove the battery and other parts and let them dry separately. 3. Once they are dried fully, assemble the parts and switch it on to avoid any possible damage.
4. If none of the above works, then consider replacing your battery or memory card with the new ones.


It is indeed very irritating when your digital camera does not work due to some issues. However, these issues or errors can be solved by learning a few techniques. Some of these include keeping your digital camera clean and placing it in a safe place to avoid any possible damage that cannot be recovered. However, sometimes the cost of repairing is more than even the original cost of the camera. In that case, consider buying a new camera.

Written by Hina Akram

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