The Best Investment Apps to Use Right Now


Whether you are an investment banker, who always wants to stay in the loop or an average Joe who is enthusiastic about investing and trading, having your apps close by is an easy way to keep an eye on how the numbers are changing. If you have the slightest interest in investing, keep reading to find the right apps for you.

Investing is for everybody. You do not have to be rich to become rich if that’s the goal. All you need is a small amount of money to get started and a bit of knowledge to know how to navigate different ways of investing. A good place to start for most people is with Forex trading, as the simple process of exchanging one currency for another is easy to understand. With many opportunities, almost anyone can get started right away.

Before getting into Forex

Since the process of trading is easy to get into and you do not necessarily need a large sum to make an investment, exchanging foreign currencies is an accessible way of making proper investments. Before you do so, however, just as you would with anything else, you want to do your research on Forex trading and assess the risks before getting started.

Getting into Forex

Likewise, there can be advantages and risks with different brokers and apps. For example, eToro is a popular trading app that is available on both Android and iOS, but the minimum deposit is £200, which not everyone can afford. With AvaTrade, on the other hand, the minimum deposit is only £100, which means that more people can be aboard.

An app for every type

With any type of investment, there is some level of risk, and since currency prices do not fluctuate immensely, you will gain more by investing more. That, however, also means that you are taking a higher risk.

But by using an app that has the right limitations and opportunities, you can be sure to get started with investing in an informed way. And like previously stated: investing is for everybody. Acorns, for instance, which provides free management for students, is a great app for student beginners. Likewise, Stash is a good app for all beginners and has different account options depending on individual needs.

Want to get your children into investing and teach them about the financial world? Get them the Stockpile app; this is possibly the best app for parents who want to get their kids interested in investing. For savvy investors who want to do everything by themselves, Robinhood – an app that allows you to trade individually for free – is the right app.

Investing as a business

As a business, you already have a lot of finances to keep track of; business accounting requires a lot of attention and consideration, as it affects the company’s success and survival. So, even though you want to broaden your income sources, keeping track of your investments is extremely important as a business, since it can make you or break you.

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