Dos and Don’ts of Driving in UAE


The high rate of the car accident in the UAE represents that more people are at risk of a car accident. To mitigate this risk, the UAE government strictly ask to follow the traffic rules to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. The best safe driver is most desired in Dubai because of its safe driving.

The following are some Dos and Don’ts for driving in UAE.


Put on your seat belt

Wearing a seat belt during driving seems like an obvious one, wearing a seat belt have the exclusive purpose of self-protective measure in case of an accident. Yet, in order to make sure that everybody inside the car has their seat belts on, the fines for this seemingly little violation have been enlarged. Citizens must have to pay 400 AED in fines if they are driving without wearing their seat belts, adding up four black points on their license

Driving defensively

Driving in Dubai can be difficult, cutting public off and just straight up assuming like they are auto members of fast and furious is not appreciated. Defensive driving is essential. It’s significant to always be conscious and attentive, and stay away from any form of violent driving, as that comes with a chain of fines. Overtaking charges 1,000 AED and six black points, and if someone is supposed to be driving in a way which endangers the life of others, in that case, they have to give 2,000 AED, as well as will receive 23 black points on their license and seizing of the vehicle for 60 days.

Stay within speed limits 

Dubai drivers really love sports cars and speedy driving, so the fresh laws are particularly strict when it comes to speeding. The city already grants extreme speeding limits on most of its major roads, like 100km/hr on Sheikh Zayed Road. So here shouldn’t be a requirement to additional exceed that. The new laws impose high fines for higher speed, with the inexpensive being 300 AED for persons exceeding the rapidity limit by fewer than 20km/hr. And the maximum is 3,000 AED for persons who decide to drive extra than 80km/hr over the speed maximum value. As well as 23 black points plus having their vehicle confiscated for 60 days.


Run a Red Light

The red light indicates to stops. It means every driver must stop. Unluckily some drivers don’t follow this rule all the time that results in extreme crash leaving causality. So, for each UAE driving law, anybody who runs red light will be charged the quantity of AED 1,000, be given 12 black points on their permit, and have their motor vehicle seized for 30 days. Yet, this is the extremely best situation. In some areas of the town nearby Dubai Tram, running a red light and causing any disaster within the tram, lead to charge as high as AED 30,000 and a lot more severe penalty.

Don’t use Phone

UAE is known for its heavy traffic. Throughout rush hours, a traveler that would usually get 20 minutes can get an average one hour plus a half. So, while waiting in traffic, looking at your phone and recognizing what the public has been uploading on Instagram can be very attractive. Yet, this little act of revolt against traffic laws can go-ahead to a charge of AED 800 plus four black points on top of a license. It’s good to just wait to catch to the hotel before taking a selfie.

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