Five online strategies to market your next

charity event

Before planning a successful fundraising campaign, getting the word out is vital. An online strategic promotion execution sparks community interest and builds engagement for your event. First, however, you must promote the campaign using proper channels, so your guests know about your charity event.

Today, social media is the most effective platform to raise awareness and generate a buzz among your key audiences. More than 29% of online donors believe that social media is the communication tool that inspires them the most. Running social media campaigns and competitions can help promoters target thousands of donors while effectively marketing the charity event.

Here are some creative ways you can promote your charity event online. So, let’s get started!

Create an Online Registration Link

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter are the ultimate grounds for creating meaningful social campaigns. Most donors use these platforms to engage with people all around the globe. That’s why creating an online registration link and sending an invite to your target audiences can help them receive updates regarding the event.

Before your event, you can create a simple poster template with all the necessary information, including the online registration link, to receive more supporters. Through this link, you can generate interest among your followers by solving their queries related to your cause and asking them for their details. It will help you keep a close track of the audiences interested in your fundraising campaign.

Generate a Unique & Cool Hashtag

A good fundraiser hashtag inspires hundreds of people to fulfill your fundraising goals. Why? Well, these hashtags provide easy access to your campaign’s story to people searching for event-related posts in real-time. For instance, unique hashtags such as #volunteer #donatetoday #fundraising, #philanthropy, and #pleasedonate stand out more during such events.

Further, it’s also essential that these hashtags sync well with your fundraising event idea to help your followers easily track your featured posts. You can also use official hashtags to highlight your brand and company values.

For instance, see this Starbucks #Whatsyourname campaign that inspires people to celebrate their names while gathering funds for the cause.

The Mermaid Cookie I Starbucks l #whatsyourname

Engage in an Online Community or a Group

If you’re an owner of a non-profit organization or a part of its marketing team, joining local community groups can be an interactive experience. You can take this opportunity to promote your cause by joining a local group that actively supports charity-based events. However, your updates & posts should spark the interest of your potential audiences to get you ahead.

Make sure you participate in non-event-related posts to help you get noticed by thousands of professionals and volunteers. You can even offer a discount or promo code to introduce your event or use a free poster maker to inform your audience about your cause.

Run an Online Contest to Eliminate FOMO

One of the most cost-effective ways to raise funds is to run a charity-based online contest. These contests create a sense of urgency even before the event, as they happen for a short period. You can offer your target audiences free VIP tickets or early bird discounts if it’s a giveaway contest.

For instance, Children’s Training Center CTC planned a “Virtual Run Contest” event to support children and raise brand awareness simultaneously. Here, they asked people to come forward and run for the sake of the children’s future.

virtual carity run

This flash fundraiser event gained more attention on the social media platforms like Facebook as many athletes and sports fanatics came forward to support the cause.

Fuel Donations with Inspiring Videos

Videos are compelling for building awareness about your charity event, as 65% of people remember visual elements. Creating an online video brings your cause to life and compels your target audiences to sign up as a donor to your event or donate generously. In addition, they are a versatile channel to direct people to your campaign page.

Consider making promotional videos featuring stories, live interviews, and other information to show people how your cause will impact others’ lives & the world. For instance, this video by UNICEF depicts the challenging lives of children under unwarranted circumstances.

UNICEF | for every child

The videos are an insightful way to connect with the audiences and increase engagement allowing them to see a bigger picture related to your cause. Further, these videos encourage donors to keep a check on your next charity event so they can make the necessary donations.

Final Thoughts: Raise a Charity with a Clear Marketing Strategy!

These suggestions are a great starting point for successfully promoting your charity event online. Marketing your event effectively and creating promotional efforts to plan a surefire fundraising event is essential in this digital era. Moreover, don’t forget to consider your budget so you can invest your time & energy accordingly.

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