Get rid of the Google Play Error Codes!

How to Fix 5 Google Play Error Codes in a very simple and easy way

Have you ever been in a situation where you have really wanted to download an application and you have finally found it but when you get to download it, you get horrified by this annoying Google Play Error Codes based on random digits in form of a message? If yes, then you would know how annoying this is. This article will talk about some of the common Google Play Error Codes that users may encounter and how to get rid of them.

1.     Error DF-BPA-09-Error Processing Purchase

Google Play Error Codes for Processing Purchase DF-BPA-09 occurs quite frequently when one attempts to download any app from the Google Play Store. Even if you try downloading the app again, the problem may still persist.


This error here occurs because of the Google Play itself and hopefully it will be fixed by default but till then, this is what you can do to get rid of this Google Play Error Codes:

  • Access Settingsfrom your Android device
  • Then click on Appsor your Applications Manager
  • Go to the section for All
  • Keep scrolling till you locate the Google Services Framework
  • Then simply tap on Clear dataand hit OK.

2.     Error DF-BPA-30

This Google Play Error Codes also come from the servers of Google itself and below is the troubleshooting fix for it.


  • Access the Google Play Store online for instance on your computer or PC.
  • Then select any app that you wish to download on your Android device which accordingly must display you the Google Play Error Codes [DF-BPA-30]
  • Then go back to your Android phone to repeat the same process and you will see that the app would be working now.

You can also attempt to remove the data or remove the “Google Play Services” cache.

3.     Error DF-DLA-15

If this Google Play Error Code pops up, once again it means that the application or any pending update may not install.


You must first remove the cache and all the data of the Google Play Store for which access the app for Settings and go to Applications where you must find the Play Store and remove all the cache. On some devices, you may have to go to the Storage section to use this option.

This will definitely help you get rid of the error however if it still occurs you need to access your settings and remove your Google account and then re-register it.

4.     Error rh01

This is again one of the annoying Google Play Error Codes that show error while fetching data or information.


Access the Settings then go to Apps from where you must tap on All and then click on Google Play Store where you must choose both Clear data and Clear cache. You also need to do this for the Google Services Framework.

5.     Error retrieving information from server

This error also pops up and spoils all your fun when you are trying to download or update any app from the Google Play store. Google’s servers will not be able to fetch data from your registered Google account. Hence you can remove and re-add your Google account and following is the procedure to do it.


  • Visit the SettingsAccounts and then click the option Google ‘to delete your Google Account’
  • When the account has been removed you should restart your device and re-add the account to where it was.
  • In the end go back to Settings then to Applications then click All and finally to Google Services Framework. Go to Optionsand simply press ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Force Stop’

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