How to use Google Maps offline on Android devices?


Are you lost and you don’t have a connection to find your way?

This has happened to all of us.

To prevent this from happening again, you just need to prepare for it a little in advance.

You know you are going for a ride, and you want to be sure you have access to Google Maps even without an internet connection, just open the app ahead of time when you still have internet.

Open Google Maps and navigate your desired destination where want to go while using Offline Areas option (here we are going to London for example):

Google Map

It is to be noted that the largest size for an offline area option is 120,000 square kms (about 46,300 square miles). However, if you want to save a larger area then you will have to zoom in to a smaller area to avail this Google Maps option while having poor or no network connection.

GM Offline Areas

Then slide your finger from the bottom to the top of your screen to open the Menu with the information on the place indicated, and then press “DOWNLOAD”:

GM Download Area

The selected area will then be displayed with a delimitation, confirm your choice by clicking again on “DOWNLOAD”:

Download Offline Area

And finally, all you have to do is name your offline area (Home).

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