Instagram Views can now be increased within few minutes with multiple strategies!

Increase the number of Instagram views of your post within a few minutes!

The Instagram Views and Like wars are happening and you should be ahead! Who does not want to be famous on social media like Instagram? Who does not want to be famous and who does not like his or her Instagram profile to stand out than others profile? Obviously, we all want this! And if you want to increase the number of Instagram Views on a particular post, then this is the right place for you

Instagram Views

The competition of having more Instagram Views is surfacing the internet!

As the Instagram Views on a video can now be seen publically, most of the famous brands want their videos to have the most view. Now, you can a business profile on Instagram. And Instagram Views is one of the business marketing strategies that is used by many companies. Following are some of the brands that have most followers. And obviously if you will have more followers, you will automatically get most views.

Instagram Views

Simply buy Instagram Views at cheap prices if you do not have millions of followers within seconds!

One of the most common strategies that is used by brands that have few followers is that they simply buy Instagram Views. If you want to buy Instagram Views at a very cheap price, then follow the steps that are present below:

  • First of all, get a device that connects to internet.
  • You can use a smart phone, laptop or even a personal computer.
  • Then, the second thing that you need to have is a credit card or any sort of online payment method.
  • Then click open the webpage URL that is And a new window will open in front of you.

Instagram Views

  • After that, there are many options from which you can choose. Like if you want 100 views, you only need to pay $1. Whereas if you want to get 10000 views, you will have to pay $18.
  • Now, suppose you want 10,000 Instagram Views on your post, then click on ‘Proceed’ that is written under $18.
  • A new page will open in front of you. On that page, start by entering the Instagram Post URL and then enter the Email.
  • If you have coupon code, then write it down under the heading of ‘Coupon’.

Instagram Views

  • After that click on ‘Pay using PayPal’ and once your payment is done, your Instagram Views on that video will be increased.
  • Note, that if you are paying once, then only that amount of views will be given to your post.
  • If you want to get more views again, then you have to repeat this procedure from start again.

The only drawback of this method is that it will not increase the number of followers. It will only increase the number of views on your post.

Some of the common ways to increase your Instagram Views are below!

If you do not want to buy Instagram Views every time you upload a video on your profile, then there are some other methods that you can follow up.

The first thing that you can do is that you can use the right hashtags! If you are going to use clever hashtags like Instagram Twitter does, then it will affect the views of your video. The right hashtag will help you to connect with just the right people who can help you out! If your hashtag is correct, then millions of people will be able to see your video. Make sure that you use the hashtag that is trending in the news. People, instead of switching the profiles of other users, simple click on the hashtag and all relevant post appear in one place. Whether you believe it or not, this is a very famous strategy that is used by brands on Instagram. Almost about 70% hashtags used by the users are of the brands.

Use the best description to describe the product in your video!

The second important thing is that to use a description that catches the attention of the reader or viewer. The best strategy to have the perfect description is to write the best choice of words before ‘see more’ button. If the viewer finds the words attractive, he or she will stop down to read the caption as well as watch the video. However, there is not a perfect length for a description but make it interesting for the followers!

Instagram Views

Only post your video when it is a peak time!

Another important thing to keep in mind while posting a video is that post it when it is peak time. In that way many people will view your video because it will readily appear in their feed. If you are planning to go live, then schedule your timing in a way when most people are awake and free. Still it will make a huge difference in the views. To achieve this goal, you should first know your audience.

Hold a contest for your followers!

Who does not like to get free giveaways and gifts especially when it comes to makeup or clothes or shoes! Most of the girls are obsessing over makeup today but there are exceptions. So according to your Instagram audience, you can plan a giveaway, with some instructions. After the giveaway, you will get the results that you want. You will also get more followers and more Instagram views as well.

Instagram Views

Promote your Instagram profile on other social media platform!

Now, in order to increase your Instagram Views, there is one thing that you can do for sure. Just take the screenshots from your video and post it on other social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. Then, people will visit your Instagram profile to view the vide. Do not forget to write interesting tag lines for your video!

Keep your audience engaged!

Do not hesitate to communicate with your audience! If you are going to reply them in comments and share your views with them, then they will love to see your videos next time as well. Keep your audience entertained and you fan following will automatically increase with time.

Make the right alliances and follow the right people!

You should follow and befriend the people who are trending on Instagram. In this way, they will promote your profile and videos. Automatically, you will get a shout out and then your Instagram Views will keep on increasing.

Create more than one Instagram Account!

The trick to get more famous on Instagram is to have many accounts on Instagram that are regularly updated. Once, you become famous you can then automatically get millions of Instagram Views on your videos. Just like what The Kardashian sisters did. They have there one official profile but their videos are also uploaded on other users like dashtube and kyliesnapchat etc. So, try to make different usernames.

Tell a story in your video!

The best way to engage your followers is to tell them an interesting story. If you will tell a story in your video, then your followers will love to see the whole video and they will also tag their friends in that. If it is a funny story, then the chances of your Instagram Views will increase because they can relate it to themselves. Also, know the audience and share things and videos that interest your followers like makeup tutorials, DIYs, etc.

Instagram Views

Let’s take a look at what Instagram is for those who are not familiar with it!

Instagram is an application that you can download it on a smart phone, laptop or even use it by just visiting the web site. It was initially released in the October of 2010, almost about 7 years ago. The developer of this App is Facebook and it is also available in 33 languages. You can share your pictures and chat with them via your account. You can also make a business profile and it is a whole new world in a smart phone. It was originally made for an IOS system. A version for the android devices was released about after two years later. It is one of the leading apps in the entire world.

Want to make an Instagram profile? Just read the steps that are present below

If you want to be a part of this amazing world, then there are very few steps that you need to follow! Do not worry because Gramlike can make you famous with in minutes. Now, the first thing that you need to do is that get yourself a device that connects to internet easily. For this purpose, you can use a smart phone, laptop etc. Now, open up the link that is You can also just download the Instagram App from Apple store if you have an Apple device. Or from Play Store if you have an android device. After that you can either login with Facebook or you can sign up by providing your personal information. Once, you have the Instagram account, start posting pictures and follow your amazing friends! you can also come live with them!

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