Install Kodi on Roku – Your Download Guide!

In this post we will tell you how to install Kodi on Roku either on TV or Roku Stick. There is a misconception among people that you cannot install Kodi on Roku so in this article we will see whether you can or cannot.

The other online services such as Netflix, Hulu or Plex operate on a connection of Client-Server while Kodi works totally in an opposite manner. Kodi is in fact only a media player that is on adrenaline; you can access multiple add-ons which will open an unlimited library of movies, TV Shows, Live Channels or any Documentaries.

How to Install Kodi on Roku using Android phone?

Kodi on Roku using Android phone

If you are user of an Android phone, you can implement the procedure known as Screen Mirroring which will let you stream on your Android device to your Roku TV. This will comprise of everything which appears on your Android device and will then mirror on your TV. The underlying principle for its working is fairly simple. All you need to do is see to it that your Roku TV is compatible with the option for Screen Mirroring then you must enable it and simply complete the installation of Kodi on your phone. Let’s see how it works step wise.

  1. See to it if your Roku TV is compatible for screen mirroring or not because Screen Mirroring is essentially a tool which was introduced to Roku on its recent versions. Switch ON your Roku TV and go to the section for Settings and then find your way to “System Update”. What you need to do here is see that if there is any update which is pending and if there is one indeed, install the update before moving ahead.
  2. You will require the Roku Software 5.6 or its later version for this method to work. Screen Mirroring is the tool which is introduced in Roku on its version 5.6 and onwards. Once this is set, visit the Settings section again and locate the option for Screen Mirroring. Choose this option and turn on the screen mirroring.
  3. Then get your Android phone connected with the same Wi-Fi network as to which your Roku TV is in connection with.
  4. Then visit the section for Settings and go to Display, where you must choose the option for “Cast”. Click the button for menu and place the tick beside the option “Enable Wireless display”. This will allow screen mirroring and then you will find the Roku TV in the list for the devices.
  5. Choose the Roku TV in this list and it will then appear on the display for your Android phone.
  6. Then launch the Google Play Store on the Android phone and complete the downloading process for Kodi from there. Then launch Kodi on your Android Phone and your Roku TV will be detected on it.

How to Install Kodi on Roku using your Windows PC or laptop?

Kodi for PC

So what to do if you use an Android phone and not any iOS device and you still wish to install Kodi on Roku. Here you will require a Windows Laptop or PC to for using Kodi on Roku. All you need to accomplish is enable the Screen Mirroring for your Roku TV and then follow the stepwise instructions compiled for you below.

  1. Launch Kodi.tv on your PC or Windows computer and then click the button for Download which will pop open another page from where you will be able to choose the device that you wish to use Kodi on. Choose Windows here and then press the option for “Installer (32BIT)” option.
  2. The process for download will then begin and when the file has finished downloading, launch the file and complete its installation on your PC just like you would for any other app. Keep clicking NEXT till you reach the finish button.
  3. If you have followed all steps as stated then Kodi would have successfully been installed on your PC. If Kodi automatically launches then remember to close it and move on to the subsequent steps.
  4. Go to the start menu and begin your search for “Devices” and then launch it. According to the Windows version that you are using on your PC, the icon for Kodi may appear to be different. open it.
  5. Then add the wireless display on to your PC. On Windows 10 this will be pretty straightforward simply click the “Add a device” button; it will begin searching for the Roku TV instantly. However if you are using some old version of PC, then click the button for press “Add a Wireless Display” for scanning the Roku TV.

You must have your Roku TV and your Windows Computer connected on one network for these methods to work out for you. If you have these connected on two different networks then you will have to repeat the procedure after connecting them to the same network.

How to Install Kodi on Roku using your Mac device?

Kodi is compatible with Mac OS and you can complete the installation of Kodi for Mac through the official website however there isn’t any set procedure for getting your Mac screen to mirror image on Roku TV but we have found a way to do it which is described below:

Kodi on Roku

  1. Download the Kodi on your Macbook or your iMac and complete the installation for it just like you would for any other software or program. Click it twice and finish the installation for the DMG file and simply drop the Kodi to the folder for Applications.
  2. Turn on the Screen mirroring for your Roku TV by going to the Settings > System > Screen Mirroring. Also see to it that the Roku TV and your Mac device are in connection with the same network because otherwise this will not operate.
  3. Then you must download this app from the Mac App Store known as “Mirror for Roku” which is present in the App Store for a payment of $9.99 which is a hefty price but surely it is worth every penny. You will then be able to stream your Mac screen on to your Roku and enjoy watching whatever you want.
  4. When the Mirror for Roku app has been installed, launch it open and you can launch other menu that the app has for your Mac’s top bar and simply choose the Roku TV using the device’s list which appears. When you will choose the “Start Screen Mirroring” option, the Roku TV will begin streaming on to your MacBook’s display.
  5. There will be some lag in between your Mirrored Screen and the Display Screen for Mac which is why it can’t be used for gaming however for Kodi it can be used easily. Simply launch the Kodi app on your Macbook and start playing whatever you want to and place your Macbook aside.

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