iPhone Exploding- Should you be worried?  

It is in fact normal to get a mini heart attack when something as crucial and dangerous as your iPhone Exploding happens hence it is imperative that you are well aware before to deal with the situation if it arises because no one wants to risk their safety over a device and of course no one wants their expensive iPhone to go to waste.

So let’s cut directly to the point and look into all the precautions that you need to take to prevent your iPhone Exploding.

Can your iPhone Explode?

It is not a secret that there have been multiple reports over these years of iPhone Exploding and most of these incidents occurred because of issues with the phone’s battery. However the good news is that potential for your iPhone Exploding is kind of like a remote possibility.

Of course this is an incident which does get limelight in the news but do you personally know anyone that this has happened with or do you know someone who knows someone with whom this has happened? In most cases, the answer to this question will be a “No”!

What can cause the iPhones to explode?

The incidents of iPhone Exploding can occur because of any of the following reasons:

  1. Hardware Failure: Even though this isn’t common but faults in the manufacturing of your iPhone particularly in the battery can cause iPhone to explode.
  2. Overheating: According to Apple you iPhone must not get any hotter than 45 degree Celsius because if your iPhone gets above this temperature and stays at this dangerous temperature for some time then it can damage the hardware machinery inside which could result in iPhone’s Battery catching fire. You must see the cases of your phone that doesn’t let any air flow and can result in your iPhone getting beyond the safe temperature.
  3. Using Low-Quality Accessories: Many people have been through changing multiple USB cables and almost all of us have at least once lost their iPhone adapter for charging. Also many people buy cheap battery alternatives and don’t invest in original Apple products.

The factor of low cost and low quality accessories is highly crucial because if you look into the differences between original Apple products and other third party products you will get to know that low cost chargers are can damage your iPhone significantly.

Signs that your iPhone’s Battery is Faulty!

Even though there aren’t any clear set of signs from which you can judge or predict your iPhone explosion however some of these early warning signs can  help you take precautions:

  • You iPhone bulging from the back side of the handheld device because before the batteries are about to explode they begin swelling from the backside.
  • You may experience a hiss like sound from your battery.
  • You may find your iPhone getting hot and doesn’t cool down.

If your iPhone is showing any of the above mentioned warning symbols then it is not a good news for your iPhone’s battery and can result in your iPhone explode.

Written by Cybil

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