Learn the art of styling a steampunk hat with Victorian costumes

The passion for steampunk hats is complex and challenging to describe. However, you can only understand it after you see it. Steampunk fashion is an age-old tradition of the 19th century. It comes under Victorian-era clothing. Such hats include clock wheels and chains, thereby adding a unique look and some serious flavor to your headcover. 

Steampunk headgears follow the bold fashion tradition with fancy laces reflecting the Victorian age. People of the Victorian era would usually cover their heads with the hat to make their costume recognizable. None of the Victorian outfits can have a spectacular appearance without headgear. Bold ancient steampunk pieces include leather headbands, buckles, and chains, providing it a unique look. You can determine your pick from a comprehensive combination of steampunk hats such as bowlers, pitch helmets, and top hats. However, it would help if you choose from wide-ranging steampunk costumes to contrast with the steampunk hat.

Dressing up in a steampunk fashion

The Victorian age steampunk fashion has exploded in popularity in recent years. Articles in newspapers talking about cast dressing up according to steampunk fashion requires a costume and some quick ideas to go along with your Victorian clothing.

The costume

The most crucial part of your clothing is the costume. Dressing up in a steampunk fashion requires Victorian clothing. However, you must determine your class. The upper-class people prefer suits, coats, and dresses for men and women, respectively. On the other hand, the middle class of the Victorian age covers themselves in fitting shirts and jackets for the male members and long skirts for women.

Steampunk hats

One of the most significant parts of the costume in the Victorian Era is a hat. The majority of the Victorian men wear bowler’s flight helmets and other hats to complete their outfits. At the same time, some of you might prefer to create a steampunk hat yourself by using spray paint and glue to stick all the accessories. Others might prefer seeking a perfect headgear from the local store. 

Here are a few types of steampunk hats that you may choose from to compliment your costume

Iconic bowler hats

Most steampunk bowler hats are woolen, providing the user with extra comfort, thereby providing a traditional stiffer style. Bowler steampunk hat is a piece of fashion accessory in the modern world. It has a distinctive style creating a Victorian impression by building an essence of creative exploration. Hence, the bowler hat became a fashion inspiration from Great Britain in the 18th century. A large population belonging to the middle class wears it. Also, it is the first emerging fashion with aesthetic designs during that time.

Top hats

The fashion of top hats is an inspiration from nineteenth-century steam-powered machinery. Steampunk top hat is water-resistant and protects from the UV rays of the Sun. It includes a retro-futuristic aesthetic beauty to the modern-day headgears. Top hats off the steampunk fashion are authentic and made from soft or comfortable material lined with organic cotton in the internal area. You can accessorize such hats with leather bands and buckles to give them a punk look.

Steampunk headgears with a short top

Short top hats help individuals seek a Victorian fashion sense to stand out in theme parties and events. Top hats are covered with a gold Satin lining to provide it a unique look. The crown of a short top cap is the tallest, thereby standing out in style. It helps the user to time travel with a unique style. Steampunk hats are covered in a leather headband and designed with clock wheels.


Another iconic piece of equipment to complement the steampunk costume is a pair of shades. Many people customize the shades by painting a simple pair of sunglasses. Although, there are plenty of goggles in the market to give yourself a steampunk look. Yet, it would help if you opted for welding goggles available in costume stores. Victorian fashion is all about metal accessories. Therefore, adding metal to your simple goggles can simultaneously provide a unique look and give it a steampunk essence. People who are not so creative can spend some money to buy a suitable goggle from the costume store to pair it with their outfit.

Historical props

Another accessory besides shades to match your steampunk outfits is props. Weapons such as swords and pistols provide an athlete look, thereby providing an essence of science fiction. Since steampunk fashion is usually a part of fiction or fantasy, you must remember that it should not look ordinary. Vintage pirates carry old fashion equipment such as their weapons and a squirt gun. Many people prefer wearing belts and bands made of brass and copper accompanied by fancy buckles and starts for the steampunk outfit.

The ideal way to complement a Victorian-style costume is to pair it with a classy, stylish, and steampunk hat. Most of the steampunk headgears have a mysterious style.

Written by Faraz Butt

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