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Have you heard or used Tumblr in your life? Well, Tumblr is an application by Tumblr, Inc. that was founded by David Karp back in February of 2007. Yes, this application has been around for a long time now. With its headquarter in New York, United States of America, Tumblr is basically an opportunity for users to begin microblogging and along with that they can also use this application as a social networking site. Tumbler is now owned by Oath, Inc. but its services still allow its users to post content which is mainly multimedia and text that helps them create a short form of a blog. On Tumblr you are allowed to follow and unfollow blogs and share the content from one blog to another one of your blogs. You can also add your own biography with links to your other social media networks. Tumblr has had some of the very best blogs of all times that are still up and running and have a good amount of following. Even your favorite celebrities, television shows and personalities have their own Tumblr blogs to update you on what is going on in their world. All of this makes Tumblr a pretty amazing social media platform. With Tumblr you get a well-balanced combination of blogging, social networking and a microsite hub all in one platform. Since its launch, Tumblr has experienced many changed but it has managed to remain popular among its users and does not fail at attracting more and more users. With hundreds and thousands of unique sites that it hosts within it, Tumblr remains a legend. However, since Tumblr has a lot of activity going on inside it, how can you possibly search on Tumblr without getting disappointed in return? Well in this article we have just the right ways for you to help you search on Tumblr very effectively!


Now do not get us wrong, Tumblr is not a social media platform that does not have its search engine intact. Because that would really make it hard for its users to navigate and Tumblr just might start producing some very frustrated users. Tumblr comes with its own search function and this platform also allows other search engines to follow each of its blog and microsites so people can search from within those blogs and microsites as well. And because there are just so many sites on Tumblr and a lot of search bars, there are some mechanisms that you need to be aware of in order to help yourself get the content you are looking for.

We would like to set a disclaimer before we move on with the mechanisms that we mentioned before. First of all, Tumblr was established as an idea to help people get a free of any costs way to publish their own blog or a microsite on any subject of their choosing. Various platforms which allow you to blog or are exclusive for blogging require monthly payments and subscriptions in order for you to begin blogging. If they are initially free, they have other in built purchases that you need to make in order to help yourself with some important features you need. With that, microsites that a lot of investment if you wish to establish one for your business, for example. So what’s best about Tumblr is that it allows you to make use of its functions and features without any charges or purchase for a premium version. But when we mentioned you can create a blog on any subject you like, we should mention that there are of course some restrictions that come along with it. Any subject that includes illegal content such as selling drugs and unlicensed guns is blocked. Other than that, anything that includes terrorism is also excluded so Tumblr is pretty fair in its game. You might come across a lot of adult content on this application but do not get confused, that is really not what Tumblr is for. According to its 2014 statistics, Tumblr has had an approximate number of 160 million blogs and 133 million posts per day! Now those are some pretty good numbers.

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On Tumblr you will really experience diversity in terms on its content. There will be people on Tumblr who will post normal and day to day posts that you would like to see such as beauty blogs, street fashion, beach posts and so on. Tumblr has gaming blogs, alternative blogs, lifestyle blogs, niche blogs, poetry blogs and so. You can also catch some commercial and market based blogs which basically user Tumblr to sell their products! Tumblr also has some really good graphic designing blogs, funny blogs, coffee and food blogs and so on. So really, there is just a lot that you might need to search on Tumblr and you can spend days on Tumblr without noticing time. But then, how do you search on Tumblr to begin with? In the following section now we will be teaching you how to go about it!

Now there are various ways that you can apply in order to search on Tumblr. There is just so much volume of posts on Tumblr that in your Tumblr feed you might notice a post but it will just get lost before you could read or make sense of it. So, you need a way to search for lost posts that you have not even liked yet very effectively. Now the primary way a lot of people use on Tumblr to make searches includes the Hashtag method. This is probably the best way you can find things you want such as blogs and posts on Tumblr that you want to see. Other than that we have the keyword method that also produces similar results and the same range of results as well. This way you do not have to waste or burn your time in searching each nook and cranny to find what you want. You can explore using our two best methods to search on Tumblr.

Search on Tumblr: Hashtags!

Search on Tumblr

Now Hashtags are very huge on Tumblr as well just like Instagram. You can use these hashtags when you add text based posts or when you share images on Tumblr as well. And this makes these things largely visible to the Tumblr world. These hashtags, when you add them along your posts, help people in searching for your posts through the search bar at the top of your page. For example, if someone has used the hashtag #mittens, you can type #mittens in the search bar on Tumblr and you can begin to see millions of pictures that have used these hashtags. Basically you are going to flood yourself with a ton of cat pictures and blogs about cats. In a single search you also have the ability to use multiple hashtags at once and then the search bar will filter out all the items you are looking for at once. For example, #mitten, #kitten, #fluffycats.

Search on Tumblr: Keywords

search on tumblr

Now if you do not wish to use hashtags because a lot of times there are some posts which do not use hashtags that you might still want to view. In such cases you can use keywords to search on Tumblr. They will work just like hashtags but the difference is that they will enable you to gather a wider range of results. So instead of an ‘almost extract’ you get similar results from all over Tumblr. In the search box you can just type “kittens” and you will get a lot more posts with kittens in them as compared to hashtags. The downside here however is that the filtering of results can often become a problem and you might see some posts that have no business with kittens but they will appear anyway!

Now if you really want the filtering on Tumblr to work at its best there is a bonus way you can use to search on Tumblr. This includes searching on Tumblr using URLs. However, the downside here is that you will need prior URL of the blog or microsite that you wish to access but this technique will help you make your exploring more concentrated and easy. This way to search on Tumblr has proven to be the most useful when you are certain about what you want to look for on Tumblr. If you are not certain then this is not your way to go. You will most likely use this technique when you have seen something on a particular blog and liked it but you wish to read it again and visit it but you have forgotten about it. So instead of searching through your internet history like a crazy person, you can just go back to the website and use this search technique. The following are some ways you can use (examples):

finding on tumblr

  • http://www.theurl.com/archive if you wish to search for archive posts of a specific blog
  • http://www.theurl.com/tagged/tag if you want to look for a tag and so you will change the “tag” part to the name of the tag you want.
  • http//www.theurl.com/search/keyword and here you will change the word “keyword” to the one you are looking for.

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Good luck then!

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