Secure your Mobile with these Top 5 Tips!

The kind of expensive cell phones that are coming out in the market nowadays makes them more precious than your car keys, wallet or even your computer especially when all your personal credentials are locked inside that handheld device of yours. However, let’s admit we all have that constant guilt inside of only protecting our phone with a mere 4 to 5 digit pass code.

If you are also the victim of this guilt then you have come to the right place guiding you about the top 5 tips that can make the sensitive information on your phone more secured and protected.

Many people are anxious and afraid of getting their phones fallen into the hands of spies, hackers and even look for the BlackPhone but if you are using a normal smart phone then you might need some extra help in form of the tips below to keep your phone safe.

1. Always keep your software up to date

Regardless of the fact that you are an iOS, Android or Windows Phone user, it is always wise to use the latest version of the mobile software available with all the updates. Although this is tough with Android updates as they take some time to get approved by the manufacturer and the network but in the end we assure you that it will save you from tons of troubles.

The reason why the latest OS version is being so much stressed upon is because all updated versions come with added benefits whether it is the control hub of iPhone or the bars on Android, all breach loopholes are tackled in these latest versions.

Make a note of the fact that all these iterations don’t just randomly pop up on your center demanding for you to install the latest version, sometimes the same version is introduced with a slight change to give you a much secured experience than before.

Most manufacturers will let you personalize your phone when it comes to checking updates so make sure that this relevant box is always ticked.

2. Make sure your lock screen is secured

It is unimaginable that even in this era someone can have a lock screen without a basic passcode even if it is a basic simple one. Hence one of the very first things we would suggest would be that you navigate through your security settings and get a pass code enable preferably a fingerprint lock if available on your phone.

The benefits of having a basic pass code are obvious, even though the face detection lock of Android may seem like a fun thing to do it isn’t however the most secure lock systems in the world so it is prudent that you go through the ratings on Google to decide the effectiveness of each security lock you have options of in front of you.

Pattern unlocks and pass codes are more secure however you find this too laborious than a complete alphanumeric password is preferred. You should make sure that any prompts saying “make passwords visible” are left without a tick.

Even after this if you want to take a step ahead than it is advised that you keep shuffling your pass codes from time to time in case someone has spotted your code.

3. Install a reliable antivirus software on your device

One of the major causes for data leakage is the merciless viruses that may infect your device. Although the issue isn’t as widespread as it is on laptops and computers and if you avoid downloading any suspicious softwares your two-year contract won’t let you get trapped in the hands of any malicious software but even given the case still chances do exist.

This problem occurs less on iPhones salute too Apple’s strict check on its App Store. However, the Android is open source which makes it more prone to malicious apps and softwares which can be side loaded on the device without a security check from Google. No matter what situation you are in, a good antivirus can prove to be a safe haven in either of the cases.

The extravagant ratings on McAfee, AVG, and Lookout are compatible with iOS App Store and the Google Play store for giving additional security but you should stay alert on any apps that seem even slightly suspicious. But if you are still worried you could always check out the antivirus’ manufacturer website because a mobile phone link would be present there.

4. Remove apps from unreliable sources and don’t try to jailbreak anything

It is always comforting when you find the app you have been looking for somewhere else than on the App Store or Google Play Store, but beware that these apps from third-party sources are often not safe. Google, Apple and Microsoft and BlackBerry as well try keeping tabs on many apps that are available on their stores.

Getting your Android phone rooted or jail breaking your iPhone can prove to be highly dangerous especially if you are not trained in either of the tasks.  This is because it literally chops down your OS and gives you a basic code within and even then when you cannot access, the infected code has gained the route to make changes to your device.

If you think you know Android rooting or iPhone jailbreaking then you should be sure that you have taken enough security measures for your device to avoid serious regrets later on.

5. Start using the lock code apps and vaults

When it comes to protecting important and sensitive messages or pictures it is advised to add a special layer of security. If you have a password which can get into the wrong hands than your sensitive and private information is at high risk.

However, if you use another app for this purpose then you can get that added layer of security by protecting your app with a second code. Vault apps also let you stay secure by making storage of all files that you want extra protection for in an assigned area on your device or on a memory card and will be able to remove the data after a particular number of unsuccessful access attempts.

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