How to activate HBO Go in easy steps

HBO GO is HBO’s response to the TV gushing upset, giving its clients helpful access to HBO content for the greater part of its endorsers. This is an incredible administration for HBO aficionados who need to get to their most loved HBO appears in a hurry from their iPad, iPhone or Android gadget. It’s additionally accessible on web TV-accommodating gadgets like Roku and Xbox. You will further learn the process of how to activate HBO Go in the article.

HBO Go a big change in the entertainment

Tragically, now it is just accessible to HBO endorsers. This, obviously, implies the best way to get to this application is whether you have link and subscribe to HBO. Along these lines, while it is free for that crowd, it includes some significant pitfalls. The other confinement to this application, when contrasted with other spilling applications available, is that it is HBO-particular. You won’t approach an abundance of exemplary motion pictures or great TV shows, for example, “The Twilight Zone” and “Specialist Who.” Plus, you won’t have the capacity to watch system or link demonstrates like “The Walking Dead.” To get to that sort of substance you’ll require applications, for example, Netflix and Hulu Plus.

All things considered, HBO is a diversion universe unto itself, with unique hit TV appears, films, sports, documentaries, comic drama and children’s shows. And keeping in mind that you have full access to the greater part of HBO’s unique substance, you will just have a restricted choice of motion pictures that have disclosed on HBO. To watch a show from your gadget, you basically tap on the screen and it will begin.

Plus of HBO Go

You can still get to scenes from any unique HBO arrangement past or exhibit. You likewise approach selective meetings and other supplementary materials connected to particular scenes of your most loved shows. You can without much of a stretch set up customized Watch lists and have new scenes of your most loved shows sent consequently to your rundown. There are likewise Facebook and Twitter connects that let you associate with companions to talk about shows you are observing together. In the event that you have inquiries or need assistance with the application, there are instructional exercises on the web.

What is HBO Go?

HBO Go is a TV Everywhere benefit offered by the American premium link arrange HBO, claimed by Time Warner backup Home Box Office, Inc. It enables HBO endorsers of stream video on request choices of HBO content, including present and past arrangement, movies, specials, and donning occasions, through either the HBO site, or applications on cell phones, computer game consoles, and advanced media players. The administration initially propelled on February 18, 2010.

HBO Go is the successor to HBO on Broadband, which was initially propelled in January 2008 to Time Warner Cable clients in Green Bay and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Programming content accessible on the administration comprised of 400 hours of highlight and HBO unique TV films, specials and unique arrangement that could be downloaded to PCs, at no additional charge for HBO supporters; with a specific end goal to get to HBO on Broadband substance, clients must be an advanced link client that had a membership to HBO, and utilized their link organization as their network access supplier.

The administration propelled broadly as HBO Go on February 18, 2010, at first accessible through Verizon FiOS. Over the next years, the administration extended to different suppliers including AT&T U-verse, Comcast, Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable, DirecTV, Dish Network, Sudden link Communications, and Charter Communications in some states, and in addition through Google TV.

Get the guidelines about how to activate HBO Go

HBO Go is a portable adjustment that gives watchers access to HBO programming by means of gaming gadgets, tablets and telephones. Be that as it may, not all suppliers bolster all gadgets, so twofold check which gadgets are upheld by your digital TV supplier.

Generally, setup for every gadget takes after a comparative arrangement of steps which, by and large, are:

  1. Download the HBO Go application to your gadget
  2. Dispatch the application
  3. Select your gadget
  4. Initiate your gadget
  5. Now you will be given an initiation code
  6. The code is inputted on the web and afterward on your gadget.

Within two minutes, a Success! Screen will show up

Particular guidelines for various types of gadgets are definite underneath. Sources incorporate the HBO Go site, PC Mag, Solve Your Tech and gaming destinations Xbox and PlayStation.

How to activate HBO Go on iPad?

  1. Open the application store on your iPad.
  2. Download HBO Go and Open it – this will constrain open a login page.
  3. Sign into your HBO Go account.
  4. Select your TV supplier and enter login/secret key data.
  5. View HBO Go content.

How to activate HBO Go on iPhone?

  1. Open the application store on your iPhone
  2. Download HBO Go and Open it – this will drive open a login page.
  3. Select your TV supplier and enter login/watchword data.
  4. Sign into your HBO Go account.
  5. View HBO Go content.

How to activate HBO Go on Android?

  1. Download HBO Go from Google Play.
  2. Open application
  3. Open a login page
  4. Select your TV supplier and enter login/secret key data
  5. Sign into your HBO Go account
  6. View HBO Go content.

How to activate HBO Go on Amazon Fire TV?

  1. Download the HBO GO application from Amazon Fire TV store
  2. Open HBO GO on the gadget
  3. In the primary menu, feature ‘Welcome’ and press appropriate on the route ring of the Amazon Fire TV remote
  4. On the Welcome screen, guarantee that Activate HBO GO is featured
  5. Press the select catch on the remote. This will make actuation code
  6. Stay on this page while you have entered the code on your PC
  7. On your PC, explore to c
  8. Select your TV supplier.
  9. On the Activate a Device page, enter the enactment code and snap Activate Device.

A Success message ought to be obvious on your TV and program.

How to activate HBO Go on Play Station?

  1. Download HBO GO from the application store.
  2. Dispatch the application on your PS
  3. On the Welcome screen, select Activate HBO GO to will produce the enactment code. Remain on this page
  4. On a PC, go to
  5. Select PlayStation 3
  6. Select your TV Provider
  7. Enter secret key/login related with the record
  8. On the Activate a Device screen, enter the code showed on your TV
  9. Select Activate.

A Success message ought to show up on the TV screen and in your program.

How to activate HBO Go on Xbox?

You should have an Xbox live participation.

  1. Go to the Xbox dashboard and download HBO GO.
  2. Dispatch it on the Xbox.
  3. Sign in to your Xbox Live record.
  4. Select Activate Your Device to create the actuation code. Remain on this page.
  5. On your PC, go to
  6. On the PC, select Xbox 360
  7. Select your TV supplier and enter the username and watchword related with your TV Provider record to login
  8. On the Activate a Device screen, enter the code that was shown on your TV
  9. Select Activate.

The Success board will show up.

Difference between HBO Go and HBO Now

The essential contrast between HBO NOW and HBO GO is the manner by which you subscribe.

HBO NOW is an on-request, spilling administration that you purchase through a membership supplier. No link required.

HBO GO is a gushing administration included free with your paid HBO membership through a TV supplier. For a rundown of HBO GO TV suppliers, go to To take in more.

HBO Go guide for a user

The absolute most basic issues individuals have with the HBO Go benefit incorporate login issues or a powerlessness to see content. In the event that, after the watchword and login have been confirmed, a client still can’t sign in, it is an issue with their TV supplier and the supplier should be reached. In the event that a client can sign in, however the substance isn’t accessible, that is a HBO Go issue and HBO Go ought to be reached.

Another regular issue is an excessive number of clients or gadgets endeavoring to get to a similar record. Twofold check with your supplier to decide the quantity of allowed clients or gadgets.


Subsequent to prodding HBO endorsers of a conceivable independent item, HBO conveyed in 2015 with HBO Now. The substance is HBO’s entire lineup in addition to ‘Hollywood blockbusters.’ Unlike HBO Go, clients needn’t bother with a link membership to utilize HBO Now. To buy the item, clients can visit the Apple store and download the application. An android application is underway, however isn’t accessible starting at July 2015. Until it’s prepared, non-Apple clients can watch HBO Now on a PC or on their TV by utilizing Chromecast.

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