The Top YouTube Playlist Tips!

In this world where life is driven by music, everyone knows the importance and need of impeccable playlists however not many of you know that you can create even video playlists on YouTube which can be shared or can be kept private as well. YouTube has given a unique platform for creating playlists which are easy to maintain and can even be optimized. If you also wish to create your own fun-filled video playlists on YouTube then this article will give you the Top 5 YouTube Playlist Tips.


1.     Add your Favorite Videos to your Video Playlist

Of course, to create a video playlist you first need to add videos to it which is a simple task. Beneath every video on YouTube, you will find an icon for Add to which is displayed with a plus sign. If you already have any pre-existing playlists then they will pop up in the drop-down menu in addition to the option for Watch Later and Create new playlist button.

If you tap on the Create new playlist, you will be required to type in a name for the new playlist and then you can move on to personalizing your privacy settings which will have three options:

  • Public – Anyone can access and see your playlists
  • Unlisted – Only those who you send the link to can access your playlist
  • Private – Only you can access and view your playlist

2.     Keep your YouTube Playlists Organized

You can easily organize your pre-existing video playlists on YouTube in the menu tab present on towards the left of the YouTube display. If you cannot see this menu pane, then tap on the menu button with three-horizontal-line present at the top left corner of this pane which can be expanded.

The section for Library also has an option for Watch Later and will enlist every playlist that you have made on YouTube. Simply tap on the name of any playlist to view its details with every video that you have added on this playlist. You can even delete these videos from this playlist, simply tap on the Shuffle Play button and choose the thumbnail image of the playlist.

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3.     Set Search Optimization for your YouTube Playlists

YouTube also gives the option for adding tags, titles and details on to your created video playlists just like you can on separate YouTube videos which you upload. If you add these details, it will make it easier for others to search for your playlists when they search it on the web and will also make it easier for YouTube to come up with recommendations for you.

Tap on any playlist present on the left pane and then click Edit when the details of that playlist open up. After this tap on the option for Add a description and then add tags, titles and any details in their respective fields.  You can also rearrange the sequence of videos on the playlist and personalize the privacy settings.

4.     Share Your Playlists

Every playlist that you create on YouTube will have its own URL which you will be able to share through email, social media or any blogs just like you can for an individual video on YouTube. All of your YouTube playlists will be shown on your channel page so that any visitor can easily locate it.

5.     YouTube Playlist Video Curator

YouTube playlists can comprise of any videos that are available on YouTube and don’t necessarily have to be the videos that only you have uploaded. You can curate the playlist by viewing a lot videos on any topic that or content you like and then add the best ones to your playlist. Now you can share your playlist with all your subscribers!


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