2DS Emulator- Comprehensive Guide for all Devices!

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If you don’t own a Nintendo 2DS but still wish to enjoy the games for 2DS then you can get a 2DS Emulator and it will solve everything out for you. There are multiple emulators out there for all kinds of devices and in this post we will talk on how to get the 2DS Emulator for iPhone, Android, Windows PC, and Mac.

What is a 2DS Emulator?

An Emulator is essentially software which lets you operate various programs such as those games which weren’t launched for your device. For instance if you wish to enjoy the games of GameBoy on your iDevice then you must install the Gameboy Emulator.

How to get 2DS Emulator for Android devices?

As we have already informed you that there are multiple emulators available in the market and the best one out of these would be the one which works out for you. We will in detail guide you on how to access the Nintendo 2DS Emulator for your Android phone.  Now all you need to do is read and obey the guide given below:

2DS Emulator for Android devices


  1. To be able to download the 2DS Emulator, you must navigate to the Settings section from your Android device.
  2. In the Settings section, find the “Security” section where you must see to it that the option for “Unknown Sources” is enabled. This setting will let you use apps and games which are from third party sources and not from the Play Store.
  3. Then on your Android phone, open any web browser you use to visit the following web address.
  4. On the page that pops up will list all the emulator stores. Scroll down to find the Download button at the bottom of the page.
  5. Tap this button for download to let the process begin. You will then be shown a pop up window warning you that the following file might damage your device, simply ignore this message.
  6. Launch this APK file and complete its installation on your Android phone. You will find a screen with Chinese navigations for Agree Or Disagree. Click the Agree button, and the app will get launched.
  7. When you are in the app, type the 2DS Game you wish to download in the search bar. The search results will display all the potential matches along with the language in which the game is present.
  8. From this list select the game you wish to play and the subsequent page will display the download button given at the bottom of the page. Click this button for Download and the process for downloading will then start.
  9. You will see that two files are getting downloaded. This is due to the reason that HappyChick is the source for the download link of the game as well as for the 2DS Emulator to operate this game on the Android device.
  10. When both of the files are done downloading, launch the section that says Play from within the HappyChick app, and you will see your downloaded game saved there.

HappyChick works without having to root your Android phone and also you don’t need to download any Emulators or ROMs separately. Simply repeat the described steps above to install any game you wish to play.

How to get the 2DS Emulator for iPhone with or without Jailbreak?

a.      With Jailbreak

Installation of the 2DS Emulators on a jailbroken iPhone is much easier than the one without jailbreak.  You don’t have to sign in to the emulator again and again because the app doesn’t need an approval certificate from Apple.

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  1. The first thing you must do is Click here from your Safari browser, and you will be directed to the Cydia where your consent will be needed. Give permission to add the source onto Cydia and then press the option for “Return to Cydia” when the source has been added.
  2. In the search bar for Cydia, type “Happy Chick” and complete its installation just like you would for other Cydia apps.
  3. You will find the icon for Happy Chick at your iDevice’s Home Screen. Then installing 2DS Emulator is pretty easy. Simply search for the 2DS game you wish to play and click the button for “Get” to install the game you want on your iPhone.
  4. You can see the progress of the game’s download in the section for Downloads.
  5. Now access “My Games” and you will be able to open any 2DS game from there.

b.     Without Jailbreak

Getting a 2DS Emulator on a non jailbroken iDevice can be technical and it may be forbidden by Apple from operating after a few days. You will be able to enjoy all 2DS Games on NDS4iOS Emulator and you will be able to complete its installation without having to jailbreak however for Happy Chick, you can follow the steps compiled below.

image without jail break


  1. Once you have opened the link for Happy Chick you must navigate to the “Regular” tab on the page that gets accessed.
  2. Click the button for Download and let the app complete its installation.
  3. Then press the home button and give the installation some time to complete. When you see the TuTuapp icon at your Home Screen, you should trust the profile developer by going to the section for Settings.
  4. Go to the Settings sections and then to General and finally to Profiles where you should trust the developer of the TuTuapp.
  5. Launch the TuTuapp and see for a full stop in the search bar.
  6. This will display the list of all games that have a Chinese name. In this list, locate the icon for Happy Chick and access it by clicking the download button.
  7. Then the process for downloading the 2DS Emulator  stands to be the same as described above under the heading for the jailbreak method.

How to get the 2DS Emulator for Windows PC?


2DS Emulator for Windows PC

The top most NDS Emulator that works on Windows PC is known as iDeaS. Did you see that the name has an upper case D and S? This is a simple Emulator which will let you operate any NDS ROM on your Windows PC but you will have to download the Emulator separately.

How to get the 2DS Emulator for Mac OS?

If you are a user of a Mac device than there are multiple 2DS Emulators available however we have discovered this special 2DS Emulator which always works. The only disadvantage of this is that with this particular 2DS Emulator you will be required to complete the downloading of ROMs separately.

2DS Emulator for Mac OS


  1. Complete the downloading of the 2DS Emulator DMG file using this link and when the emulator has finished downloading, you must Double-Click it by visiting the section for Downloads.
  2. Then drag the file for DeSmuME and drop it off inside the folder for Applications.
  3. You may be asked to type your Mac Password in order to allow the installation to finish.
  4. Access it from the Launch Pad and remember to remove the DMG file from Downloads then.
  5. You must then download the ROMs of the game you want to play and then operate them in the 2DS Emulator you have downloaded on Mac.

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