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People are using social media very actively these days, social media is very engaging. It engages people all around the ad people have to spontaneously reply to others I order to have a conversations.

The social media is used by people through their mobile or laptop devices mostly. People are on the go usually while having a conversation with others on social media. This majority of the users, who use social media are teens and people in their twenties. This comprise of major chuck of the users.

These people according to studies have a shorter attention span and are finding ways to make this easy for themselves. These people are good at finding shortcuts in life.

Just like finding shortcuts in life, the users of social media or people texting with one another in hurry try using short form of words. These words might miss a few alphabets but the other person will know what word is. This has given rise to a language that comprises of short form of words. This later grew to a advance stage, where only the initial letter of the words were used but the other person also being a frequent texter know what it means. These words have collectively gained momentum and a huge list of acronyms was formed.

One such word from this list is WYM. Do you know what it means? No? It’s okay. I am sure someone might have said this to you once and you would know what it means. I’ll help you out with the usage of this and the meaning of this widely used acronym.

Have you ever while texting or using ay social platform received a text that says “WYM”? Has some one on social media ever replied to one of your posts or something that you posted “WYM”? As you don’t know the meaning of this, you will consider it as other but a confusing acronym comprising of three alphabets “WYM?”

This confusion of not know what this three alphabet word means must have made you curious. You must have Googled this word and the search results will have landed you o the article that will explain you the detailed meaning of the acronym “WYM”. This article will also tell you how you can use this acronym and will make you a pro at using this acronym!

So basically the full form of the acronym WYM is “WHAT YOU MEAN”

That is absolutely right! What you mean. Does it make sense now? All the times you received WYM as a reply? Now you know what that means. I am sure that everything now makes a lot more sense to you. Things are clear and now you can reply to all those comments and texts, that only if it’s not too late.

The meaning of WYM is, literally “what you mean?” I am sure you were not expecting it to be something so simple, something that you say a lot during your daily life.

Not talking about the WYM acronym, but I am positive about the fact and guarantee you that you have been using this word a lot! I know there are a lot of acronyms that are present in the texter world ad people aren’t familiar with all of it. This is pretty much understandable as acronyms can be a little tricky ad difficult to comprehend at times.

You must be wondering why the person didn’t type the full form of this word. That’s just the new trend these days and that’s how things are done in the online world. Which is fast paced ad people are trying to save time and effort.

Where WYM stands in Grammar

Proper grammatical use of this acronym obviously will be “what do you mean?” There is no place I grammar for these acronyms that are invention of the online world. As you know this is the invention of the online world so the grammar and spellings are the last concern of anybody!

Online space has no respect for grammar and spellings.

If we are looking at the grammatical aspect of this word, this we should also correct the phrase according to the grammar and by doing so, the acronyms “WYM” full form will become “what do you mean?”

What is the term WYM used for?

Now you have a clear idea of what WYM stands for, the use of this casual and trending acronym is pretty self-explanatory. WYM is usually used as a response to someone else’s message, comment or post to tell them that you don’t understand. And because of that you are asking them to explainer elaborate on what they just said so you can comprehend the entire situation.

People often use acronyms when they have a lot on their mind and have less time. People also use them when they are angry or don’t have interest in the ongoing conversation.

Typing is also a slow and time-consuming and a tiring process for many users, so people who want to put me less effort and still communicate their message use this “WYM” to tell the other person that they are not clear on what you said.

Some common examples of how WYM Is Used in Different Scenarios?

Example 1

Friend #1: “Hey dude, we can’t meet up today.”

Friend #2: “Bro, WYM?”

Friend #1: “I’ve got food poisoning.”

In this situation that is mentioned above, Friend #1 has sent a text message to his other friend but text is not complete as it leaves out some of information. Friend #2 is curious about what the first friend said, why the said it so he asks as he wants to know more about the situation and ends a text saying “WYM”. By this, the friend#1 knows that he needs to clarify him the reason that he is not coming.

Example 2

Friend #1: “Can’t make the game tonight”

Friend #2: “WYM you can’t make it?”

In this third example. It is clear that the Friend#1 informs the friend#2 that he can to make it to the game. The second friend gets curious and wants to know the reason why friend#1 cancelled and replies to his text as shown above.

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