Android Rooting- The Dos and the Don’ts!

If you have been an old Android user, you are wondering how you can easily root your phone. For this reason, this is best way to avoid the restrictions created by carriers and to easily access the new versions that are available for the operating system and also in order to easily improve and make your device performance better.

Although all of us know that Android rooting can be a difficult job or it can always be considered as complicated but still not impossible to do. In order to make it more convenient and simple for you, we made a detailed guide that will help you easily root your Android system.

Sometimes we find an app so irresistible may be on any advertisement on your social media account offering the best video editing features, or photo editing effects, or creative alarm clocks to definitely wake you up or any other utility app and then when you click on the download button, to your utter disappointment you find that this app is not compatible on the Android Operating System. Now what can one do when this happens?


Folks! The only sad solution to this is to considering rooting your mobile device or the Android device that you have because that is the only way you will be able to download third party apps on your phone. If you are considering opting for Android Rooting then read this article thoroughly to know all the risks and benefits of conducting this process.

Get your device ready!

Before Android Rooting, you should know that this process always require some sort of preparation and before you start backing up your phone you need to make sure that you have made a proper backup of your mobile phone. At times when you root your Android device, you may end up losing all your data, pictures, videos, documents, messaging history, whatsapp history and sometimes even your Contacts List which of course is unacceptable because losing precious data from smart phones is nothing less than getting a mini heart attack.

Hence to avoid this from happening it is always prudent to create a stable backup of all your data somewhere safe which you can either do on your PC, memory card or on any online cloud account so that it can easily be retrieved later on.

The Procedure for Android Rooting

Choosing the type of software is the most important part when it comes to the procedure of your android rooting. Although there are multiple programs that will easily help you do this but the best option is to choose the one that suits you and your phone best. All of these programs may vary when talking about its compatibility. Talking about the software that deal in Android rooting, we have listed a few of them.

  • KingRoot
  • Towelroot
  • KingoRoot
  • XDA Developers

The XDA Developers is the best platform and resource that will provide you with rooting and instructions in the best possible way.


The Perks of Android Rooting

Although there are multiple benefits when talking about Android rooting. But we will discuss a few briefly here so you can quickly know about them.

Android rooting helps in having better customization and even lets you have a better control on your device. With the help of Android Rooting you will also be able to access various features for example, you can access all sorts of features if they are blocked by the carrier you have. This includes upgrading your system on the timeline you have. It helps a person in waiting less for his carrier.

With Android rooting, you will be able to use multiple apps provided there. This will include Titanium backup too. But what is Titanium backup? Titanium backup helps a person in taaking advantage of various scheduled backups and other cloud integrated systems. While on the other side if we talk about Greenify, then interestingly it will help you save your battery and have improved performance even if you just hibernate on most of the applications.

But how can you easily unroot your device?

Android rooting is reversible if you want to sell your mobile and want to change it. We have described the process in detail for you. This will help you easily unroot your Android device.

The SuperSU application that helps in unrooting, will do a great job for people who have rooted their mobile phones without even flashing ROM. The cleanup section of this application has a proper unroot option. If you tap the option, you will directly enter into the unrooting process of your Android operating system but in case this doesn’t work, keep in mind that you will have to manually unroot your Android device.


In case you have flashed a custom ROM, then at this point you will reset your device to the factory settings of your phone although the method of all the manufacturers can be different as compared to others. If you want to have a better and detailed outlines as well as insight of it, then the best place for this purpose is How to Geek. They have a very helpful guide which will help you easily find instructions even if your running manufacturer or operating system vary. As mentioned above, unrooting your device can be a difficult process, so in case you want to avoid any sort of problems, make sure to keep a proper back up of it.

Written by Hina Akram

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