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Be careful: Netflix account scam attempts increased by 646%

Here are some tips to better spot phishing attempts on Netflix accounts.

Netflix account scam attempts

Be careful if you have a Netflix account. With containment, phishing scam attempts have increased dramatically. Researchers at Webroot have sounded the alarm after recording a 646% growth in phishing attempts.

be careful

“Phishing techniques evolve and change with the news,” says Kelvin Murray, threat researcher at Webroot.

In the past, we’ve seen fake news about Conor McGregor and Elon Musk that contained malicious links, and now we see the same thing with Netflix-related news. It is no coincidence that the streaming platform has gained popularity during lockdown (coronavirus pandemic).

The hackers would also target users of YouTube, Twitch or the HBO platform. Phishing aims in particular to steal sensitive information such as passwords, usernames or even credit card details.

To protect against these types of attacks, Internet users should be trained in web security and remain vigilant about the emails they receive,” adds Kelvin Murray.

sound like a scam

Phishing attempts can be detected by several elements: the e-mail address does not correspond to that of the official website, the e-mail does not contain your real name but formulas like “dear customer”, it says reference to a certain urgency such as having to react immediately, etc.

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