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When it comes to patching your devices, servers, networks or systems using any Patch Management Software, there are two results that can come out of it; this will either cripple your system or save it. In recent times, all the exploitations in Windows systems were laid out for public access by multiple hackers who have been using the vulnerabilities of Windows to exploit the systems leading to infiltration by nasty viruses and security breaches. The crippling effect of this has been on businesses, homes, schools and other institutions.

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Hence it is imperative that you have an effective Patch Management Software installed on your network which will save you tons of time, energy and resources that are spent on fixing issues of a system plus it will not cost you those restless nights that you would have spent on the installation of security patches one by one.

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Many network experts and engineers advise on using tools like WSUS or SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) instead of Patch Management Software but it should be noted that SCCM requires a team to manage the patch work, raising the overall costs on licensing involved in the tasks. Hence it is prudent to use a 3rd-party Patch Management Software to get the best results.

Top Patch Management   Software and Tools 2018

1.     Solarwinds Patch Manager

Solarwinds has manufactured a user friendly and highly systematic Patch Management Software with a long list of useful tools and features. Their patching fix is based on “Automated Patching of Microsoft Servers, Workstations and 3rd-party Applications”, which is essentially their tagline as well for this Software.



This Patch Management Software is associated with WSUS and SCCM and if you have these two already installed then the process of patching would further be streamlined and automated for your servers and leaky networks. The software is provided that is equipped with already tested feature packages catering to multiple 3rd Party applications which can be updated on the dashboard. The examples of these 3rd party applications updates are compiled below in the list:

  • Adobe
  • Apache
  • Apple
  • Citrix
  • Dell
  • Google
  • HP business and Proliant Server
  • Malwarebytes
  • UltraVNC/RealVNC
  • Sun
  • VLC
  • VMware
  • and many more!

One of the main reasons to opt for this Patch Management Software is its dashboard which will let you keep tabs on all patches in a central dashboard, keep an updated status and provide you with a graphic view of all the mistakes in finished installations. This tool will not only help you out as an administrator but will keep your updated on the tabs of auditors if needed.

Patch Management Software uses the WSUS or SCCM or both to assist you in scaling and then installing these updates as need for a wide range of applications, systems and vendors. You can even construct your personal .MSI or .EXE files for deploying them inside the network.

You can access a Free 30 Day Trial by visiting the link below:

The official download link is as follows:

2.     ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus

ManageEngine is another Patch Management Software which has introduced this amazing tool onto their monitoring suite with the name of “Patch Manager Plus”. They give you a seamless, easy to use patch managing platform for updating the Linux, Mac and Windows systems along with the collection of other 250 third-party applications. Some of the solutions this software gives are the following:

patch manager plus


  • Compliance with Patches
  • Real-Time Auditing and Generating Reports
  • Acceptance or Rejection of Patches according to Severity and Priority
  • Implementation of Test Groups on devices
  • Support to the 3rd-party Applications

Visit this official website for complete details:

To access the Download Link, click the following:

3.     GFI LanGuard

GFI is also a great fix in form of a Patch Management Software and they provide not just the simple platform updates, but also for Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices. They have assessed over 60,000 vulnerability reports to make sure that the network is always updated with the recent patches. Some tools that GFI has to offer are listed below:

GFI Laneguard 2011


  • Report Analysis of Dashboard/Console
  • Anti-Virus Patch Management Software integrated along with Major Security Software
  • Access Security issues in your Network such as the rogue USB Drives and other devices
  • PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, GLB/GLBA and PSN CoCo Compliance

To better understand the kind of management GFI LanGuard has to offer, visit the official website for it using the following link:

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We cannot emphasize the importance of getting a system constantly patched up especially in light of the recent malware attacks. Many opportunistic hackers are waiting to exploit the vulnerabilities to set worldwide online attacks through Email phishing. Hence using the Patch Management Software will protect your data, folders and perhaps your entire business. So without waiting simply download and start using any one of the mentioned Patch Management Software.

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