Best Car Covers For West Coast Summers

The summer can throw a lot of heat and sunlight at your vehicle, and it can also toss in a little rain and wind, too. For variety, there is also the possibility of some hail as well. West Coast summers are great, but it pays to protect your cherished vehicle from the extremes of weather. This is where custom car covers play a leading role. They are especially valuable if you park or store your classic car outside where the hot sun can work on all aspects of your finish.

A Sunbrella custom car cover material is about as good as it gets for protection from the harsh UV rays of bright sunshine. The long-lasting fabric is made with sun protection in mind.  The heavyweight and rugged material protects against dust and scrapes and scratches and is breathable, too. Solution-dyed acrylic fibers make sure the color of the cover remains bright and won’t fade a couple of years later. These qualities make the material excellent for RVs and trailers that spend a lot of time outdoors. If your west coast location gets a lot of rain, you might want to consider Superwave and Superwave Premium fabrics.

Best Car Covers For Extreme Climates

No matter where you live, it is important to consider the car cover material that works best in your climate. Some quality covers excel at moisture protection, while others are best at blocking out the sun. Some offer solid protection against hail, while some provide good protection in a variety of conditions. When shopping for the best cover for your situation, consider these factors:

  • Where you plan to store your car
  • How long your car will be in storage
  • What are the extremes of weather in your area

A Superweave fabric is excellent for water, UV and all-weather protection. The material is lightweight and durable. The Superweave Premium is a solid choice if you are looking to keep your vehicle out of the sun’s harsh rays. The Noah fabric is noted for its water repellency and its effectiveness in keeping out dust.

Protect Your Paint From Desert Sun

If you live in an arid climate that is more likely to support cactus growth, you know that temperatures can easily rise into the triple digits. Just leaving your car out to bake is never a good idea. A quality car cover will deflect the sun’s rays while providing breathability to moderate the buildup of high temperatures. In addition to coming with a six-year warranty, the Superweave Premium fabric features a durable 300-denier fiber construction. This cover was developed to protect vehicles stored outside from the harmful impacts of the intense sun.

No matter where you store your favorite vehicle, you can find a custom-fit car cover to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a fleece lined waterproof car cover for outside storage or a Plushweave cotton flannel cover for inside storage, the right product is available. You can shop online from a large inventory of car covers and truck covers that protect your investment from time, dust and the weather.

Written by Casim Khalid


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